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Will Tech Be Sporting New Uniforms This Fall?

Pictures from Spring Practice might signal change in Tech swag upcoming

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so not breaking news by any stretch, but interesting none the less for those who care about such things. And they do matter a lot to the players. Anyone remember the "ol' switcharoo of 2015 against TCU?

Pictures have been trickling in from spring practice and I saw something that tells me new gear is on the way. Players are wearing the "Icy White" game helmets. This could signal a shift in what has been standing tradition as players seem to never wear game helmets during spring or any other practice. Under Leach, it was a solid black helmet with no decals and under Tuberville and Kingsbury a stark white helmet with no decals, sometimes black. So yes, this could be a "Players like it so we ran with it" type of thing. But, I think we may be breaking in new uniforms this Fall and here's why:

1. Tech isn't a traditional uniform staple but rather always on the forefront of new looks, trailing only Oregon and Oklahoma State, to name a few.

2. Tech uniform cycles average 3 years.. ish, at least in recent history. The Kingsbury playing days lasted 99-2002. The Symons Nike look lasted 03-05. The Harrell Under Armour look lasted 06-2010. Tuberville era saw 2 years of the same look just different colors on the numbers and then you get to Kingsbury's first foray into the modern look of Texas Tech. 

3. Tech usually wears old uniforms as practice gear.

I, for one, like the uniforms Kingsbury has thrown out during his tenure as Head Coach. Even the "Ombre" looks weren't too bad as one offs and I have to say I wouldn't mind seeing the White Ombre helmets return at some point either. It's always hard to switch up the uniforms because believe it or not, it could send the wrong message to fans, recruits and football watchers across the nation. Oklahoma has had backlashes on their recent push into the uniform game as well as other programs as fans and onlookers ask "what were they thinking". So to an extent, it does matter.

Especially when you hit the right notes as Tech has in both the home and away throwbacks the past two years. I think a move to those uniforms would be widely accepted by Red Raider fans and potential recruits because it is such a clean look. Though it would be tough to say goodbye to the current ones, especially when they finally add the red jersey and pants. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like the unis we have now or is it time to switch it up? Let us know in the poll and comments below.