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Jakeem Grant To Meet With Colts, Cowboys, and Dolphins

The TTU WR has several important workouts ahead of him.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

According to 24/7 Insider Luke Rodgers, Jakeem Grant is set to meet with the Indianapolis Colts, the Miami Dolphins, and the Dallas Cowboys this week.

Currently, Grant has only worked out for the Colts, and will meet with the Dolphins and the Cowboys later on this week. Wether these meetings and workouts are due to his obscene unofficial 40 yard dash time of 4.12 is uncertain, but we would be insane to think that it had nothing to do with it.

Grant measures only 5'6, so his height will continue to be an issue for teams interesting in potentially drafting him in a later round or picking him up in free agency, but Grant's Pro Day workout might have alleviated some of those fears.

Grant caught the ball fairly well, returned punts excellently, jumped well, and set the Jones Stadium turf ablaze with his 40 yard dash.

Of the teams listed here, I believe Grant fits best with the Colts. Jarvis Landry fills the Jakeem Grant-esque position for the Dolphins, and the Cowboys already have their token short slot receiver in Cole Beasley. Lining Grant up inside a prolific outside receiver like former Ole Miss Rebel Donte Moncreif could spell major problems for NFL defenses down the road as Grant develops and adjusts to the NFL game.

Grant has proven he can play against NFL-caliber coverage in college time and time again, and will be a valuable asset for any team that sees fit to pick him up.

Grant's 40 yard dash with inlaid timer:

One of Jakeem Grant's many highlight reels: