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Saturday March Madness Preview/Open Thread

Bored on a Saturday? Watch some sports!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


(11) Wichita State vs (3) Miami - 12:10 PM, CBS

Miami looks to stay alive against a pretty dang good Wichita State Shockers team. Will the upset bug continue to bite in the second round?

(4) Duke vs (12) Yale - After Wichita State vs. Miami, CBS

There are so many nerd jokes that we don't know where to start. If Duke and Grayson Allen can get started early there might not be much Yale can do.

(4) Kentucky vs (5) Indiana - 5:15 PM, CBS

Here we have a matchuo of College Basketball bluebloods. The talent is only matched by the insane expectations of the fanbases.

(4) Iowa State vs (12) Arkansas Little Rock - 6:10 PM, TNT

*glares at Iowa State* You better not let us down guys, the entire Big XII is counting on you.

(1) Virginia vs (9) Butler - 7:10 PM, TBS

If Butler wins this game or gets extremely close, I'll feel a lot better about the loss to them. Virginia is tough, but they haven't exactly had a 1-seed year.

(1) Kansas vs (9) UCONN - after Kentucky-Indiana, CBS

The back to back of College Basketball bluebloods continues with what could be a championship matchup depending on the year.

(3) Utah vs (11) Gonzaga - after ISU-ULARK, TNT

The only thing I will ever remember about Gonzaga is Adam Morrison and his painfully 70's getup. If the Zags can continue with the 70's look I think they have a chance. Good luck on growing out those mustaches, boys.

(1) UNC vs (9) Providence - after UVA-Butler, TBS

I have UNC in the Final 4, so I'm hoping they don't slip up against Providence. However, Providence is pretty underrated and could give UNC a run for their money.


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