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Monday Matador Mailbag - 3.21.16

Answering all the questions you never knew you had.

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Derrick Willies is definitely an interesting player. I'm prone to be less high on JUCO transfers due to some recent ones that haven't panned out like we've planned, but they've still turned out to be decent players. I think that Willies definitely can be a Crabtree level player, but let me submit to you this: if he doesn't, but does turn out to be a very solid player, then he'll be hitting exactly where we need him to hit.

We don't need Willies to be a Crabtree level player, because we have Patrick Mahomes and Jett Duffey behind him. Both of these QBs are dynamic, the kind of dynamic that just requires the WR to be a little bit open. I really like Willies because he has that gamebreaking talent, but I don't think he necessarily has to be Crabtree levels to throw up Crabtree stats.

Essentially, yes I do think that he can, but I don't think that he needs to in order to be determined a successful Texas Tech WR.

My expertise lies in the football side of things, not basketball, but I have observed a couple of things that I think could help:

1. We must be better at choosing our shots. We seem to jack up 3 balls when we need to be getting solid, high percentage shots.

2. We need to find a way to get our players who are hot the ball. We seem to depend on several individuals going on hot streaks, but refuse to get those players who are hitting these shots the ball.

Ultimately, given February, I think that we're already turning the corner, there's just a couple of things that need to happen.


I don't think we can afford to not keep him, regardless of how well the defense performs. We need some consistency badly at the DC spot, and Gibbs is easily one of the best ones that we can realistically get.

A good way to gauge wether we will be looking for a coordinator is looking at who we can reasonably get. Contrary to popular opinion, Texas Tech has a pretty valuable program. According to a Wall Street Journal article based on 2015 numbers, Texas Tech is the 27th most valuable College Football program in the nation. That's 4th highest in the conference, only beaten out by Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas State. This doesn't mean we can get whoever the heck we want, but it does mean that we have a reach that's longer than most realize.

Regardless, we can't afford to lose Gibbs. Looking at who we can realistically get, there aren't many better options. It's definitely the better choice to extend him regardless of performance and hope for the best.


Well, Kyle, this seems to be an issue for many reasons.

For context, Kyle is one of our contributors. According to him, Kyle is not currently married.

Kyle, it seems obvious that you're leading a double life, wherein you have both a girlfriend and a wife. The logical and moral choice would be to come clean to your girlfriend about the cause of your distress, which is obviously so extreme that you choose to respond to a question with a statement.

Good luck, Kyle.