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VTM Takes the Wonderlic

We didn't want our 3 Red Raiders at the NFL Combine to be the only ones

It's that magical time of year again when the NFL rounds up a couple hundred football players to be poked, prodded, studied, weighed and measured to see if they are worthy of a draft pick and in some cases, substantial dollar amounts.

Now, I thought it would be cool to have the entire staff do a VTM Combine. But that was shot down pretty quick. So, I said, "Let's all take the Wonderlic!" And we did. Now, only the staffers know their individual score at this point. The ground rules are simple. The Honor System. Taking everyone's word that these are their first and honest results. I will list in order as I had received them.

Ok, so a couple of things. The test was 50 questions in 12 minutes. Nobody got to answer all 50 from what I understand, in the time alloted. The questions had nothing to do with football. Mainly random math word problems, sentence structure and word association. How these questions were given during each test is unknown. It is possible that one received more math than reading questions and vice-versa and depending on our strengths could have affected the test. 

We also added our current height and weight and the position we had at the last level played at. Take that what its worth. We really wanted to do our 40 yard dash time, shuttle time, bench etc, but with staffers living in different areas, we couldn't get it together in time. So we're going to have fun with this. We now admit how knowledgeable, or not, we are when we talk sports with you... or maybe who hates math. haha. Enjoy. 

Kyle Jacobson: 6'1 165 (WR)

Jonathan Althaus: 6'4 220 (ATH)

Ryan Smith: 6'2 215 (QB)

Eric Linthicum:

Drew Borsellino: 5'9 165 (WR)

Hunter Cooke: 5'10 225 (DE)

Brice Paterik 5'9 169 (WR)

Isaiah Lopez  6'0 273 (OL)

18... No picture.

You can take the test here.

Use the honor code and share with us in the comment section.