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Texas Tech Grabs 2, Rounds Out Coaching Staff

We finally have a complete staff, two days before Spring Football

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When Kliff Kingsbury announced that he wanted to finish up his staff before Spring Football, we all waited on the edge of our seats for the last two hires. On the eve of Spring Football, it seems that he has finally found his guys. Texas Tech has hired Karl Scott and DeShaun Foster to coach the CBs and RBs, respectively.

Karl Scott is one of many coaches plundered from Louisiana Tech, the second team on Texas Tech's schedule. His former head coach, Skip Holtz, praised him as a "rising star in the coaching world" upon his hire at LT a year ago. Scott formerly coached safeties at Louisiana Tech and linebackers at Southeastern Louisiana. The thing that troubles me about Scott's precipitous rise to Tech is that he did it so quickly. At the risk of starting a Don Williams-esque take quake, the man stayed with LT a little more than one calendar year before taking this job. What's to stopping him from taking another job this time next year?

DeShaun Foster is the interesting hire of the bunch, due to him being a bona fide former star for UCLA.

If we're going off of pure stats, DeShaun Foster is a slam dunk hire for Texas Tech. He was drafted 34th overall in 2002 and earned All-American honors at UCLA, and was working at his alma mater as Director of Player Development when Kliff scooped him up. His pedigree is going to earn him instant respect amongst the players, and his coaching background means that this is not simply a hire due to his skills as a player. I'm really excited for what Foster brings to the table as the RBs coach.