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Tech Basketball Is In For A Tough Week

Major road contests loom for the Red Raiders.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple weeks have been stressful for Texas Tech's Men's Basketball.

Two weeks ago, we lost to Baylor on a heartbreaking buzzerbeater. Last week, we beat a TCU team that wouldn't go away, and were a bumbled last possession away from upsetting #6 West Virginia. Unfortunately for us, the Big XII murderer's row of a schedule means that Texas Tech gets no respite from it's tough last three games.

On Tuesday at 6PM, the Red Raiders travel to Norman to take on #1 Oklahoma and Buddy Hield, who is arguably the best player in college basketball. In a 10-point win at Baylor, Hield hit a staggering 57% from behind the arc, leading his team to a solid win on the road against a very good Baylor team. I'm not sure of the home court advantage statistics, but I do know this: in addition to being a top 5 team, Oklahoma's home court advantage is considerable.

On Saturday, the Red Raiders travel to Fayetteville to finish what Kliff Kingsbury started. Arkansas is considerably weaker than several other teams we face, but I can't dismiss them offhand. While Arkansas may not have the record, they are dangerous, and capable of keeping it close with any given team on any given night.

If Texas Tech is to compete in the postseason, we need one of these two wins. I'm sure that we would take both if they were offered, but at least one is necessary. An upset over Oklahoma would do wonders for us in a conference that everyone is simply struggling to stay afloat in. And while an upset over Oklahoma is not probable, it's definitely possible.

We're all tired of moral victories. I know this, the fans know this, the team (who is definitely more tired of moral victories than you, I, and the rest of the Texas Tech fandom combined) knows this.

For Texas Tech, a rough start to conference play means it's time to put up some W's. I've gotten my fill of Zach Smith dunk highlights, now I want to see a victory. Even if it's over Arkansas, a victory on the road is a victory. We need this, badly.