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Texas Bowl Notes And Tidbits

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Players and coaches were available to the media today, and they had some things to say.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't much left to be said about the 2015 Advocare Texas bowl. The talk is just about over, and the football is about to begin. That being said, this was one of the last times players were made available to the media, and LSU super star running back Leonard Fournette had a couple of things to say about the Red Raiders. He said:

Their [TTU] defense is actually good. They run to the ball, like 8 guys are going to tackle you at the same time.

It doesn't matter if they're the worst defense in the country. They're men like we're men.

While this is most likely posturing by Fournette, (he also said he went back to sleep when he found out LSU was playing Tech) it's nice to know that he respects us enough to lie. On the other hand, it bodes badly for those of us who were hoping the Tigers completely overlook the Red Raiders. After those comments from Fournette and honestly, a good hard helping of reality, I'm now of the opinion that LSU hasn't been screwing around and will be ready for this game.

On a lighter note, here's a good tweet and video from Brian Holland

The team also, took the opportunity to go visit the DePelchin Children's Museum who is aligned with the Texas Bowl as a charitable beneficiary. 

Uni-watch, Black Jerseys, Black helmet with Red chrome facemask... what are the chances we see Red pants?? 

As always, the game thread will go up, but there will be a separate one for the other bowl games going on that day. If you have Twitter, follow @vivathematador and Brice and I will keep you updated and hopefully laughing. Eric and I will be on site at the Texas Bowl, and one of us (probably Eric) will have a field report up so y'all can kinda sorta live the experience.

Wreck 'Em Tech, and I'll catch y'all on Wednesday sometime.