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This Week in Twitter Dot Com: Holiday Edition

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We take a look at what when down in twitter town this week!

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I apologize for last week's nonexistent edition of this segment, but honestly you didn't miss that much besides a wee bit of Aggie meltdowns. This past week we had Christmas and we asked y'all to show us whatever wonderful Texas Tech gear y'all had. Y'all must have been really nice this year because Santa dropped off some pretty dope Tech stuff down your chimney's this year. Take a gander at some of the lovely gifts received this year, and some other tweets.

This past Saturday I saw one of the most insane weather maps of Texas I've ever stumbled across. Normally I don't care about the weather unless it will drastically affect my life seeing as I'm not an 80 year old man yet. No offense to you older folks, but I doubt I've got any 80 year olds reading up on what happened on twitter this week. If somebody asks you what is Texas weather like, show them this picture.

Danny was #blessed enough to get tickets. I had a pretty awesome Christmas but I did not get Texas Bowl tickets. Scream loudly for all of us at home without tickets.

This Tech fan might have started a nonprofit organization to feed hungry children to be good enough to get all of that sweet stuff. Quite a sleighful if I do say so myself.

The famous Idaho Potato Bowl has the greatest mascot ever. Honestly I have lost count of the number of times I've watched this giant carbohydrate spin happily and I'm ok with that.

RIP Devin Lauderdale's fishie. You will always be remembered for that one time Devin tweeted about his fish dying. I hope you find nemo in fishy heaven.

Sorry that there wasn't much going on this week. With the Texas Bowl tomorrow and many other games in the week I promise an abundance of fire emoji tweets. As always if you see something I missed be sure to tweet @vivathematador or @80gradewhitt. Also if for some reason you aren't following both of those accounts please correct your egregious error as soon as possible.

I hope y'all had a great Christmas and holiday weekend. Good tweeting to you all and I'll see y'all next year!