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Texas Tech Eligibility Table: Receivers

Texas Tech returns three of the top four receivers from last year. We take a look at what the returning starters bring to the team as well as considering if there is any reason for concern.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This will be a somewhat short series to catch everyone up on the current state of the eligibility remaining for each position group. We'll update these tables after National Signing Day.

Eligibility Remaining
Player Year Ht/Wt. 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Devin Lauderdale JR 5-10/180
Jakeem Grant SR 5-6/169
Ian Sadler SO 5-10/190
Reginald Davis JR 6-0/192
Dylan Cantrell JR 6-3/211
Cameron Batson SO 5-9/173
Jakari Dillard FR 6-4/185
Caleb Woodward SO 6-0/203
Michael Coley FR 6-3/189
Brad Pearson SR 6-1/203
Ja'Deion High SO 5-11/186
Zach Austin SO 5-11/170
Kash Knutson FR 5-11/173
Stanton Keane FR 6-0/210

Reason for Hope

The big things here is the stellar play of Devin Lauderdale and Ian Sadler late in the year, to go along with the continued production of Jakeem Grant, who will be a senior.  And this is some big-time production with these three.  The biggest high five from me is the fact that Texas Tech does have someone on the outside like Lauderdale that can take advantage of Patrick Mahomes big arm and take advantage of defenses. I wasn't sure that this was going to work after Lauderdale was so hot-and-cold, but at the end of the year he was as good as I've seen from that side.  And the addition of Sadler is like icing on the cake.  Grant's continued success is also encouraging offensively because I think we've seen all to often how Texas Tech can struggle if there are too many really productive players leaving all at once.  And Pearson being back should help in a lot of respects on the inside if Sadler or Grant get injured.  That's a pretty nice insurance blanket.

Reason for Concern

There's no Z-receiver, at least right now, that we've seen make huge strides to being a dominant force.  This offense works best when that Z-receiver, on the right side, is dominant and it took Bradley Marquez going back and forth from inside to outside to make that happen.  The likely candidate is Reginald Davis, but he just hasn't been dominating physically.  Maybe this is an opportunity where Dillard can make a dent or perhaps Cantrell gets moved to that side and is more dominant physically than the opponent.

Prognosis for 2015

There's a lot of opportunity here for some young players to make a move into the lineup.  Batson, Cantrell, and Dillard should all be making strides this year while Woodward and Coley have moved from defense to offense should be something to watch during the spring.  Woodward and Coley are both bigger bodies that could help on the outside.  One through three aren't interesting in the sense that we know who they are.  It's four through whatever that's going to be incredibly interesting.

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