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Texas Tech Eligibility Table: Offensive Line

Texas Tech returns a veteran offensive line and four out of five starters as long as Le'Raven Clark returns to Texas Tech. We delve into the offensive line's remaining eligibility.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This will be a somewhat short series to catch everyone up on the current state of the eligibility remaining for each position group. We'll update these tables after National Signing Day. The black box is for available years and the grey box is if a redshirt is available.

Offensive Line Eligibility Remaining
Player Year Ht/Wt. 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Le'Raven Clark SR 6-6/313
Jared Kaster SR 6-3/285
Baylen Brown JR 6-4/293
Alfredo Morales SR 6-4/308
Tony Morales SR 6-4/315
Poet Thomas SO 6-5/308
Robert Castaneda FR 6-5/300
Justin Murphy FR 6-7/270
Cole Collier FR 6-2/300

Reason for Hope

This should be a really terrific and veteran offensive line group and if Clark does return, which I hope he does, then this may be the most dominant group since 2008.  That's saying something and it has taken a while to get back to that level, but I do feel that Texas Tech, especially with the 2015 class, that Texas Tech is really recruiting some hosses up front. The only question is who plays right tackle and I think Texas Tech will miss the solid play of Reshod Fortenberry.  My guess is either Thomas or Murphy.  I think Murphy will be a fantastic left tackle because his footwork is great, but I think Thomas has been backing up Clark all of this year.

Reason for Concern

Not sure that you were aware how top-heavy the offensive line was in 2015 and it makes a lot more sense as to why Texas Tech went after so many offensive linemen in the 2015 class.  We won't count our chickens before they hatch, but you can see the need and you can also see how the coaches did a good job of going after Castaneda and Murphy last year to help bridge the gap.  And I'm also trying to figure out who might be at center in 2016 and who will be the backup center in 2015. We tend to forget how good Kaster has been even though he's not over-powering, but he sure is consistent.

Prognosis for 2015

It's hard not to like the prospects for 2015 and as stated above, if Clark returns, I think you have your best offensive line since 2008.  It's taken that long to get back on that level.  With the incoming recruits for the 2015 class you can see how this group will have a really nice mixture of youth and talent in 2016 next year.

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