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Red Raiders in the NFL 1.21.15

As the Patriots return to the Super Bowl, we will again have a Red Raider playing on the big stage. Hopefully, Danny Amendola has another great game as receiver and return man.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As the interwebs are abuzz about the amount of air that was in the footballs for the game on Sunday, we'll shift our attention to the lone Red Raider who'll be in the Super Bowl. Danny Amendola has had a strong last few weeks to close out a relatively quiet season, and we'd love to see him have another big day in football's biggest game. This week, the New England Patriots relied heavily on their run game against the Colts, which meant fewer targets for Amendola, but hopefully the matchup against Seattle will showcase his skills again.

Everyone in Raiderland will be watching to see what #80 does in the Super Bowl, and in the meantime, the Houston media is celebrating Amendola, the hometown guy whose football dreams are coming true.

Less than 1 percent of high school football players go on to play in the NFL. Even less than that get a chance to play in the Super Bowl. But former Woodlands standout Danny Amendola, currently a wide receiver for the Patriots, is doing just that next Sunday.

While he was dreaming of being in the NFL some day, his dad was just trying to get him to focus on the immediate task in front of him.

"When he was a young kid, he would practice catching the ball in bounds with two feet, so he could get ready for the pros. I was thinking, 'Son, just catch the ball and get a foot down,'" says Danny Amendola's dad, Willie Amendola.

I love to see a guy who has always been focused on his goals, and now to see those goals becoming a reality is great for us all. I know we're all wondering about what next season will hold for Amendola and many of our other Red Raiders in the league, and we'll be talking about those things after the season ends, but for now, let's just focus on the thing in front of us--having one of our own in the Super Bowl.

We'll all have our Guns Up each time they call on Amendola, and hopefully it's his best game yet!