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Red Raider Gridiron: Darreon Jackson Decommits; Players Exceeding Expectations

Darreon Jackson decommits from Texas Tech, but the coaching staff may have other players on their radar. Plus, other news, notes and links on the football team.

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Anyone noticed that I haven't linked to many LAJ articles?  It isn't intentional, but since they've got to a pay site, I can't clip their posts (it's like using Evernote to remember an article) and so I just tend to forget about them.  Some mornings I can remember and other's I cannot.

Jackson Decommits. Per the DMN, S Darreon Jackson decommitted, some on the internets are speculating that Jackson's offer may have been pulled because Gibbs may have some players he likes better, which is sorta part of the recruiting game.

If you ever want to know why I don't cuss guys that do decommit, it's because I know that it is a two-way street for these guys. I also don't berate coaches for changing their mind on a player especially when a new defensive coordinator shows up and maybe lets everyone know that he might want to go a different direction.  I suppose that letting that player know as soon as possible is the best possible outcome as opposed to right before national signing day. For me, the thought process when a player decommits from a Texas Tech perspective is, "Who is up next?"  From a player perspective I always hope that the player lands on his feet.

As far as other defensive players that might be on the radar, well, I think this is a decent list of the players that are on the Texas Tech coaching staff's radar and I'd guess that there are even more defensive backs that we just don't know about at this time.  This is just a list of the defensive players that I think are realistic options for Texas Tech:

  • DE Tyrell Thompson
  • DT Darrion Daniels
  • DT Joseph Wicker
  • LB Arthur McGinnis
  • S Justin Reid
  • S Arico Evans
  • CB Henry Black
  • S Darryl Godfrey
  • CB Isaac Warren

Top 25 Big 12 Players. I'm not expecting a ton of Texas Tech players on this list from ESPN, but at #25 is LB Pete Robertson.  And this isn't a projection, but a ranking of the best players of 2014.

Exceeding Expectations. The DMN has a list of the top 5 players who exceeded expectations in 2014, including RB DeAndre Washington, WR Devin Lauderdale, QB Patrick Mahomes, LB Pete Robertson and S Keenon Ward.  Check it out.

Decisions for Murray. Lone Star Ball has an interesting look at how Allen's QB Kyler Murray could really have the new rules for for the MLB draft could really cost him some money and an opportunity to play both sports.  I think I have a different outlook on Murray choosing baseball now, which seems like a gamble for an MLB team based on how teams have to go about budgeting for players within the draft.

Early Signing Period. Per CBS Sports, there's a proposal for an early signing period in December, that would last 72 hours, that is being discussed.