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It's Fehoko Time at The Opening

Texas Tech commit DT Breiden Fehoko makes his presence felt at The Opening in Oregon.


It's Fehoko Time. It's been a quiet few days for Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko (largely because there wasn't any news just yet) at The Opening, but it's his time to shine and according to Scout, that's exactly what he did:

Probably the best defensive lineman on the day was Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko, who's making a major push for a fifth-star. Fehoko, who repped 185-pounds on the bench press 42 times on Tuesday showed he's not just a weight room star. He was outstanding in the 1-on-1's, showing great strength, quickness off the ball and technique. He's not just about a bull-rush, but has moves to get past his blocker.

And according to 24/7 Sports, Fehoko is really just one big rock that you're just not going to move:

Another candidate for that ‘next three' group was Breiden Fehoko. More than anything, Fehoko brings strength to the table and he is outstanding in the run game. He doesn't have the same kind of athletic upside as guys like Beckner and Cowart but you are not going to move him off of the football.

But we're not quite done with Fehoko as he was given one of the spots on Bruce Feldman's list of 2015 players that made his freaks list and you can watch Fehoko in action at about the 1:10 and the 3:20 minute marks:

The only downside to yesterday is that by the end of the day, Fehoko wasn't in the top 5 defensive linemen at the end of the day yesterday, that just means that it's time to go to work.#