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Texas Tech News, Notes & Links: Jarrett Stidham's Season Ends; Texas Tech Makes Top Choices for Tyron Johnson and Lonzell Gilmore

Stephenville's season comes to an end and so does Jarrett Stidham's season. Texas Tech makes the top lists for two potential commits.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few quick updates as I do my best to MikeTTU's job, but I'm doing it incredibly poorly.

Stidham's Season Ends. Congrats on a fantastic season for Stephenville QB Jarrett Stidham, whose season came to an end yesterday as Stephenville lost to Graham, 35-24.  Stidham was just 11 of 20 for 142 yards, 2 touchdowns and 36 rushing touchdowns.  Stidham also suffered a possible concussion and left the game early.  Apparently Stidham is human.  As you all know, Stidham came back this season after breaking a bone in his hand and helped lead Stephenville to a playoff run.

Top 5 for Johnson. Texas Tech did make the top five for Louisiana WR Tyron Johnson along with Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma State and Auburn.  As most of you know, Johnson is one of the top receivers in the country and Texas Tech coaches made a visit that included every coach, this past week (I think).

Top 6 for Gilmore. Texas Tech also made the top six for Spring DE Lonzell Gilmore, who was recently offered by Texas Tech.  Gilmore's top six also includes Nevada, K-State, Colorado State, Illinois and Purdue.

I've got some other news, notes and links, but I'll save the rest for Monday.  Because I don't keep up with this stuff as good as you all keep up with it, anyone know who the official visitors are this weekend at Texas Tech?