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Texas Tech Links: Baseball Game to Resume Today; 11 Track and Field Athletes Qualify

The Texas Tech baseball team is set to resume today around 1:00 pm after being suspended due to rain last night, with players and coaches ejected during that game. There were 11 track and field athletes that qualified for the NCAA Championships this weekend.

Photo credit Anthony Granadino.

Game Suspended in the 8th Inning, To Continue Today. Texas Tech leads Miami, 1-0, in the top of the 8th inning with 1 after a 56 minute rain delay last night.  The teams will pick up their game today at 1:02 pm today.

This wasn't the lead story as 1B Eric Gutierrez and Miami's David Thompson collided and Gutierrez dropped the ball right next to Thompson, which caused Miami's first base coach, Gino DeMare, to fly off the handle and then this resulted in a bench-clearing of both teams, but no punches were throw (this is the video embedded below.  Gutierrez, Texas Tech 3rd base coach J-Bob Thomas and DeMare were all ejected from the game and if Miami wins today, after the game, the umpires (or someone) will determine if these three individuals will be available for the next game, if necessary.

Gutierrez shouldn't have dropped the ball right on Thompson, but Thompson was intentionally lowering his shoulder to unload on Gutierrez to get him to drop the ball and remain safe.  Seems like had DeMare not gone a little beserk, things wouldn't have escalated as the two players didn't seem all that upset.

That's the way that baseball go.

This also means that Texas Tech is just a few outs away from punching their ticket to a super-regional.

I am pretty much playing catch-up from the weekend where I was away and without cell service for most of the weekend.  That's a pretty good thing sometimes as you are amazed how little you actually end up checking your phone.

Texas Tech Qualifies 11. Congrats to the 11 student athletes that qualified for the NCAA Track and Field Championship in Eugene, Oregon after a regional in Arkansas this weekend:

Overall, Tech qualified in 11 events across three full days of competition for the national championship meet set for June 11-14 in Eugene, Oregon. The field is highlighted by Kennedy Kithuka (5,000m and 10,000m), Kole Weldon (shot put and discus) and Cierra White (100m and 200m) who each put together qualifying efforts in multiple events.

"I'm thrilled that our athletes who came in ranked high made it through," Texas Tech head coach Wes Kittley said. "They have been very consistent all year long. I'm disappointed that we didn't get a few others that we were hoping for, but it's a tough meet."

Big 12 Meetings. I thought this DMN article was a pretty good summary of the Big 12 meetings.  Pretty much everything that we've thought is going to happen, which is that the Big 12 is very much part of the Big Five and that means where the Big Five goes, so goes Texas Tech. Of course, everything can change in the blink of an eye, so there's that.  On Friday, SEC commissioner Mike Slive said that if the other schools don't give the Big Five what they want, which is autonomy to do what they want, that the Big Five would go to a Division IV.  I think that I read John Infante say that this is almost literally impossible as it requires more than just the Big Five saying that they want to have autonomy, there's a process and just saying it isn't the entire process.

Kyder Stands Out. Kerry Hyder is also in the NY Jets camp and he stood out during the most recent OTA workouts:

The 6-foot-2, 280-pounder was second-team All-Big 12 last year and he showed flashes why on Wednesday. He was very active and seemed to be around the ball a lot. It's hard to judge linemen in non-contact OTAs, but Hyder looked as if he was holding his own. He also saw a lot of time with the second team, which is impressive for an undrafted free agent in May.

There are not many open spots on that defensive line, so it's an uphill climb for Hyder. But maybe the Jets can stash him on the practice squad this year and develop him.

Webb Most Indispensable. I think I've seen this before, maybe last year, where ESPN rolls through each team's most indispensable player and it makes sense that it is Davis Webb because there would be no quarterback on the team at ll without him, at least right now.  So yeah, he's pretty important.