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Red Raider Gridiron: Breiden Fehoko Shines at Under Armour Practice; Tyron Johnson Still Has Top Five

Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko is working hard at this week's Under Armour practices and is pulling double-duty as he is also trying to convince Tyron Johnson to commit to Texas Tech.

Open Thread FanPost. Good morning everyone.  I think there were some folks that we asking about an open thread for the bowl games yesterday (it never even ocurred to me to add one) and so I'll be doing FanPosts each day for the bowl games and I'll add front page posts for the CFP games.  Here is today's Open Thread FanPost so go crazy with your commenting.  The first game starts at 2:00 pm, LSU vs. Notre Dame, then Georgia vs. Louisville at 5:30 pm and ending with Maryland vs. Stanford at 9:00 pm.

Fehoko Shines at Under Armour Practice. You can see the Vine (embedded below), but Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko shined at practice yesterday for the Under Armour game.  Via Scout's Chad Simmons, Fehoko was one of the top five performers on defense yesterday:

UA Notes: This Texas Tech commit was disruptive in the trenches on day one. He showed force up the middle, he played with leverage, and he made a bone-crushing tackle in the backfield late in the practice.

Fehoko also talked with the Times-Picayune about recruiting Tyron Johnson and trying to get him to play at Texas Tech:

"Tyron's an explosive cat," Fehoko said. "He's a hell of a baller and I'm trying to get him to play with me at Texas Tech."

Johnson Still Has Top Five. I was a bit surprised when I watched this vide from SB Nation's Bud Elliott, who talked with New Orleans WR Tyron Johnson, who said that he still has a top five: Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Georgia and LSU.  Johnson says that the one factor that is the most important factor to him is setting him up to go to the pros and I think this is the big takeaway from Johnson.  I noted yesterday, via the Times-Picayune, that Johnson said that he was down to two teams, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, but now he says that he's still got a top five list.  First things first. Don't get mad or upset that Johnson is being inconsistent here.  Just don't. I think the thing with Johnson is that he has a ton of people pulling on him, all kids do at this level, and disappointing one fanbase is really tough.  Johnson said that he is scheduled to choose his school on Friday during the game, but you should know that whoever he chooses, it is going to go down to the wire.