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Celebrities Wearing Texas Tech Gear

Hall of Fame musicians, Academy Award winners, and more...

Awhile back, a friend of mine tweeted out that in the "Air Force Ones" music video by Nelly – who any 90’s kid should know – the rapper can be seen in a Texas Tech #16 jersey. At the time, that was of course Kliff Kingsbury’s number, who was in the process of creating a national air raid identity with new Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

I didn’t believe him at first, so I searched for the video on YouTube. Sure enough, Kingsbury’s black #16 is being donned by a member of Nelly’s group for a few moments. Check it out, starting around 2:15 in the video below (warning: some NSFW language):

That got me to thinking about other celebrities who have worn Texas Tech gear.

Paul McCartney, front man of arguably (and I stress the word "arguably") the greatest band of all time, wore a red Texas Tech football jersey for a photoshoot to promote one of his tours. Allegedly, the former Beatle drew a lot of inspiration from Lubbock’s hometown hero Buddy Holly. McCartney wore the jersey, and consequently played a show in Lubbock in 2014, at least in part as a tribute to Holly.

While Mike Jones didn’t quite live up to the career of Paul McCart… I’m sorry… Did you say "who is Mike Jones?" He’s Mike Jones. "Who?" Mike Jones. "Who?" Mike Jones. Mike Jones was pretty much a one hit wonder rapper from the early 2000’s, releasing an album titled "Who Is Mike Jones?" He (in)famously rapped about how he went from an unknown to a star by chanting "Who?! Mike Jones!" in multiple songs.

Anyway, before a concert in Lubbock, Jones visited the Red Raiders in a black Texas Tech #99 jersey to talk to them before practice. That was probably ten years ago, when Mike Jones was a big deal, and you can tell how hyped the players got when they realized he was there. Coach Leach even got a picture with Jones. If you have any further questions about Mike Jones, hit him up on the low at 281-330-8004.

Most recently, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with a Double T baseball cap. Coach Kingsbury approved, tweeting that DiCaprio has "great taste".

Last, but certainly not least, is Willie Nelson himself. The 83 year old country rock star recorded his first album 60 years ago, and is still going strong today as a rebel/outlaw icon all across the world. I couldn’t find any information on the picture below (when it was taken, why he was wearing it, etc.), but Willie Nelson wore a Texas Tech football jersey nonetheless which is pretty awesome.

Did I miss another celebrity wearing Texas Tech gear? Let us know of any more in the comments!