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Monday Matador Mailbag 8.22.16

I think they’ll be Good to Pretty Good, depending on the matchup.

Texas Tech’s O-Line recruiting is generally pretty solid, but we’re losing a lot from last year’s team. Kaster is gone, Clark is gone, and one of the best pass blocking running backs in the Big 12, DeAndre Washington, is gone. There’s definitely reason to believe that they won’t be great like last year’s O-Line, but the 2016 O-Line will be far from a dumpster fire.

I could definitely see it happening, especially if Felton isn’t as far along as we think, and with Corey Dauphine’s apparent struggles to learn the playbook. As we progress through the season, we should see more and more of White, which isn’t a bad thing. His spin move is ridiculous, and he’s pretty dangerous in the open field.

If we’ve improved, I think we give up 24 points.

The issues on this defense are not overnight fixes, and that’s okay. They’ll come along in time, but it’ll likely take longer than any of us will want.

I think we get a couple of key takeaways in game 1, but we won’t dominate the field. That’s fine, we have one of the best offenses in the nation to balance that out.

Whichever one makes me more hip and down with the environment.