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Red Raider Gridiron: Is David Gibbs a fit at defensive coordinator? Brad Pearson reconsidering

Is David Gibbs a fit at defensive coordinator for Texas Tech. Brad Pearson is reconsidering walking away from the football program and returning next year.

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I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas.  Let's get to it.

Is Gibbs a Fit? On Tuesday, December 23rd, it was leaked that current Houston defensive coordinator David Gibbs was said to interview with Texas Tech.  Personally, I think there's a reason for that, but I guess we'd find something out sometime soon, one way or another.  In any event, LAJ's Don Williams asks if Gibbs would be a good fit.  Williams is weighing pros and cons and one of the cons is that he writes that most defensive coordinators are allowed to bring in their own staff and I just don't think this is a true statement.

Of all of the coaching changes that we've experienced as Texas Tech fans, I've just never seen where the coaches are picked by anyone other than the head coach.  Just thinking back, whether it was Wallerstedt or Willis or Glasgow or Kaufman, they've never chosen their own staff.  I can't remember any defensive coordinator with Leach choosing his own staff. In fact, it would appear that with any potential hire, they will have the ability to suggest to Kingsbury an open position and I think that's one advantage that most programs cannot offer.

Heck, go look at another program, like TAMU, where I think the staff, other than the DC is already in place.  Same thing with Auburn hiring Muschamp. I think that's pretty rare.  If anyone has any indication or links or hires where a defensive coordinator gets to pick his entire staff, or even a few spots, I'd love to see them, just for reference purposes.

Bottom line, I don't think that it is standard operating procedure for a defensive coordinator to hire his staff.

Pearson Reconsidering. LAJ's Williams also has a bit about how IR Brad Pearson is reconsidering walking away from the team, even though he is set to graduate in May and has a job waiting on him.  It would be great if he returned, but jobs don't just appear all of the time.  Good luck making that decision and I hope Pearson does what is best for him.

Miscellaneous. From KansasCity, there is this article about how Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder still hand-writes to players and it reminded me of Snyder writing to former Texas Tech footballer Jace Amaro . . . I had two other articles pinned, one on Amaro with the Jets in the SAEN and the other from the Chronicle with their all-greater Houston high school football team.  Both links are now behind a paywall, but I think that D'Vonta Hinton was on there, as was Lonzell Gilmore and maybe Jonathan Giles, but I can't remember . . .