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Report | Oklahoma Sooners Treated Like Normal Human Beings in 2007

Former Oklahoma Sooner players alleged that batteries and coins were thrown at players resulting that the players had to wear helmets the entire game. Further investigations proves this to be a complete fabrication. Click.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

NewsOK's Stephanie Kuzydym talked with former Oklahoma Sooner players about how Texas Tech fans were throwing batteries and coins at Oklahoma players during the game. I really don't have a clue where this image comes from, but whoever did create it, you deserve a huge hat-tip (feel free to email me at for credit) as does Ryan Hyatt for tweeting it. But let's first get to the allegations.

“The fans at Texas Tech were the absolute worst that I ever experienced,” Mensik said in an email to The Oklahoman. “In 2007, we had to keep our helmets on the whole game because they were throwing coins and batteries at us. I remember hearing the ding of coins hitting helmets.”

There are also allegations about mistreatment in 2009, but we don't have any sort of video evidence of a fan throwing a hot dog at a coach's face. Seriously. In any event, enjoy the rebuttal.