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Once Again, The Big XII's Scheduling Is Screwing Texas Tech

Seriously, who decides this bullcrap?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech's schedule has been the topic of many internet and real life arguments. To be completely honest, this year our schedule set us up to fail. We played 11 games in a row before we got a single bye week. Not only that, but our bye week this year is less of a bye week than others due to playing Texas on a Thursday.

Tech's finals schedule is partially to blame for this, as one of our bye weeks happens during our finals so that our student-athletes can get the studying they need in for the biggest tests of the year. That sucks, and if we want more than one bye week during our season, we should definitely change that. But that doesn't excuse the total hack job of a slate we got for 2016.

Dude, seriously? 9 conference games with no bye week? I'm honestly not sure if tin-foil hats are necessary to believe that there's something screwy going on with the way these slates are divvied out. We play SFA, Arizona State, and Louisiana Tech in the non-conference, which is a fairly strong non-conference schedule, but then we get to have the just outstanding month of October, which will consist of Kansas State on the road, WVU and OU at home, then TCU on the road. Awesome. Outstanding. I am completely and totally sure that we will be well rested for all of those games. To make matters worse, we get Baylor on freaking Black Friday less than a calendar week after we play ISU in Ames.

This sucks. We may not have the worst schedule in the conference, but it's still pretty crappy, and based on the scheduling we've gotten in the past we have every right to complain. This isn't uproariously bad, but it's the straw that definitely breaks the camel's back. We simply cannot catch a break from the Big XII Conference these days.