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Texas vs Texas Tech - 10 Thoughts

10 quick thoughts after the WIN in Austin on Turkey Day

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

  1. We still have issues stopping the run. Another game, another RB with a career day. Missed tackles hurt us badly, against a freshman back. The defense kept us in the game at the beginning but the offense just couldn't do much in the first half.
  2. DeAndre is a man among boys. He's had a fantastic 2 years, and we're going to miss him. His rushes tonight were as strong as we've seen from him all year. Over 170 yards tonight.
  3. Pat is still having issues seeing open receivers, especially when scrambling in the red zone. Multiple guys were
  4. Miracles do happen. This tipped ball score was unbelievably awesome, and lucky. But hey, lucky is good. Knowing where the ball was and grabbing it out of the air was something we've come to expect from Jakeem.
  5. We've got several young players on defense that will be even better next year. Johnson, Fehoko, Allen,and Hinton will anchor the defense for the next few years.
  6. Nigel Bethel is strong. And a ball hawk. And good at coverage. He's exactly what we want in a corner in this conference and has had a fantastic year.
  7. Turnovers suck, and losing the turnover battle sucks even more. It's not often you can win when losing that battle.
  8. Ummm, what was that???? Fortune favors the bold Kliff, and we saw a happy Kliff. There should be multiple plays on SportsCenter courtesy of Texas Tech
  9. Special teams played a part in the game tonight, and with Texas having several returns of long yardage, they had favorable field position and quick drives to keep themselves in the game.
  10. Victory formation in Austin. That feels so awesome to type out. We beat TEXAS y'all!!!!!!! We'll see you for the bowl game!!!!!!