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Cotton Club Crew #8: Texas Tech rallies

Tech looks for a strong finish to the season

Well, the ACU game was kind of wild. Texas Tech would rally from a 9-0 deficit to claim a 15-11 victory as the make-up finish to a former road game closed safely at home. Joe and Jack hit the recording after that game, with the second game underway (Tech would win the second game comfortably).

The guys bring you the full baseball download. They breakdown the guys who have stood out in a positive, and negative way. They hit some of the usual talking points, the disappointing pitching, the desperately needed high-powered offense, and the inconsistency on the road.

They sum up for you where the team stands now, where they may be going, and what work do they have to get done to safely continue this year into the postseason.

With the season now coming down to two remaining Big 12 series, can tech build off this miraculous rally to find the winning stretch they need to safely do damage in the postseason?