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Cotton Club Crew #10: Dancing in Arlington

Big 12 tournament play begins for Texas Tech.

The crew is back, talking even more baseball.

With Texas Tech finished with the regular season and having started their postseason journey in the Big 12 tournament Jack and Joe talk about the year in review. They talk about the result at home versus the more disappointing results on the road.

They talk about the pitching that held Tech back, and the guys who have stepped up. They talk also the postseason overall, is there any chance Tech can host with a Big 12 tournament championship? They also focus on the West Virginia and Kansas series’, especially what could be a good sign for Tech to attack the road to Omaha.

Next, the guys bring their takes for the Big 12 tournament. As the guys recorded, Tech began game one and would eventually win. But listen to their takes on the tournament overall. Does Tech need to win a few to even make the postseason?