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CCC’s Big 12 Wrap Up: #6

The regional field is set.

Chris and Joe are back with the Big 12 news you need!

To start, I dropped in an insert to update on the regional field as due to scheduling Chris and Joe recorded before that was announced. Who got in, who hosted, who got left out, and who has a good shot to clear their regional from the conference?

Joe and Chris then wrap up the Big 12 tournament. Who looked postseason ready, and who stumbled and fell falt.

After that the guys had a good discussion about the QB rooms across the conference. Who has the talent to survive an injury? Who’s is best top to bottom, and who just has the best starter?

Lastly, the guys talk about Tech’s regional chances. Who is a good matchup and who is a and matchup for the Red Raiders? And did Tech improve their outlook in the Big 12 tournament, or did they leave us all more worried?