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CCC’s This Week in Texas Tech Basketball: #2

On Grant McCasland and Warren Washington

Well after a few weeks of nothing really in the basketball program, Grant McCasland landed two major punches on the recruiting front.

First, he picks up the services of coveted center Warren Washington. Then he followed that up by keeping Williams in the Red and Black.

There has been a lot of questions about what the new staff is doing, so besides talking about that huge news and what it means Kendall talks about the new ball coach. Why should you trust the new head coach? Why is the process seemingly so slow, and how is the roster actually coming along?

Moral of the story from Kendall, trust that the guy we just hired knows his stuff. And start getting excited about this roster. Especially with the addition of Warren, this team is going to be tough defensively and solid on the offensive end carried by some young guards we already know.