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CCC’S Big 12 Wrap-Up: #4

The baseball race draws ever closer to a close.

Chris and Joe are back with their Sunday evening recording, to bring you the Big 12 news we think you have to have! This week’s show is a great one, so give a listen.

The guys talk about the ever changing Big 12 race on the diamond. The surprising run of West Virginia continues, and how did the rest of the field fair? With Tech getting a weekend off from the rat race, what does the trip to Morgantown hold for Tech?

After that, the guys run around the conference talking portal news. Texas had a pair of Tech targets commit, how is the Longhorn roster looking? Who else in the conference is building a tough squad?

Lastly, the guys talk Tech hoops in the larger context of the conference. How does this roster shape-up to compete? What more work is there to do for the good guys to compete?