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Full Season Preview featuring the VTM Staff

Everyone hopped on board to preview Texas Tech football.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - LSU v Texas Tech Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

One of the biggest fallacies we’ve seen as a staff is the tendency to go off one person’s predictions for the season. They’re almost always tainted with bias, and that doesn’t have any place in accurately predicting anything. Here at VTM, we’re taking steps to prevent bias in every way, shape, and form.

Therefore, this preview is different. Seven of our writers got together to give you seven different views on each game. The score predictions are averaged into one score prediction. The end of the season records are averaged. This is the closest thing we have to a staff-wide consensus on what we think about the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team in 2016.

If you’re looking for this to be completely impartial, you’re looking in the wrong place. Everyone here is either a Texas Tech student or graduate. So save your “But you’re underrating my team!” We’ll see on Saturdays who’s right. However, we definitely tried to be as impartial as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get into the rankings.

Stephen F. Austin v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images


Hunter Cooke - I see the beginning of the SFA game being a little bit of a struggle as new players try to get situated in new roles, but I don’t see the panic of last year or 2014 in this game. We struggled on defense, and we thought the sky was falling, but in reality, we had a comfortable lead in the 4th quarter for the first time in a year. That was good enough for me last year, and it’s good enough for me as Texas Tech works out its growing pains.

Texas Tech 62, SFA 38

Ryan Smith - The opener has been a bit of a challenge at times for Tech in recent years, but Mahomes and company shut this one down pretty early. Tech cannot afford a 2014 start to 2016. The expectations are high and though all eyes will be on the defense, success runs through the offense early on. I see the defense getting 3 turnovers and holding SFA under 20 points. Good warm-up for Arizona St. (1-0)

Texas Tech 56, SFA 13

Drew Borsellino - I expect the offense to be up and running out of the gate but the defense will find itself figuring out what exactly works. Good thing for the Red Raiders is that they have one of the best quarterbacks in college football at the helm. I don't think this will be much of a contest after the first quarter.

Texas Tech 52, SFA 21

Maitland Rutledge - This one should be easy, but we all remember the game against Central Arkansas in 2014. The Lumberjacks are coming off a 4-7 season with a 4-5 record in Southland Conference play. The offense is led by senior QB Zach Conque who is looking to rebound from an injury-filled season. This game starts out slow for Tech (like it did last year in the opener), but the Red Raiders prevail by at least two touchdowns.

Texas Tech 45, SFA 21

Kyle Jacobson - Obviously I think this is a win for Texas Tech. If not, we’re in for a rough season. I think the only question is how easy of a win is it? Is it a close-ish game in the 4th quarter like the matchup with Central Arkansas in 2014? Is it an absolute blowout like the game against SFA in 2013? I predict a safe victory.

Texas Tech 59, SFA 27

Eric Linthicum - The moment we have all been waiting for is Saturday, September 3rd. By far the easiest game Tech plays this season and the score will reflect. This will be out first chance to see the new players on both sides of the ball. Do not except Kingsbury and Morris to show much from the playbook in this one.

Texas Tech 62, SFA 17

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - The home and season opener will be a fun one. It’s a night game and everyone will be fired up for the upcoming season. I don’t see Tech struggle at all against an SFA team that went 4-7 last season. The offense will show off a little bit in this game and we will definitely see the defense find their rhythm.

Texas Tech 66, SFA 14


Texas Tech: 7

SFA: 0


Texas Tech: 57.42

SFA: 21.57

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-West Virginia vs Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - Oh man, this one is going to be beautifully weird for three reasons.

  1. It’s a Texas Tech game.
  2. It’s at night.
  3. It’s in Pac-12 country.

If you’re inexperienced with the insanity that is Pac-12 after dark, hopefully this is a good introduction. I see a lot of Texas Tech media predicting this as a blowout, but I think it’s much closer than that. In fact, based on the late start time and the general weirdness of the Pac-12, I see Arizona State pulling out a very close game at home.

Arizona State 56, Texas Tech 52

Ryan Smith - What once was a huge non-conference game when it was made a few years ago now seems a little less marque, but still huge for the Red Raiders for the direction of their season. Under Kingsbury, Tech hasn't won a game where they didn't start fast. That changes in Week 2. ASU jumps on Tech early with a 14-0 lead, before Mahomes and the offense settle down and run off 5 straight series with TDs and taking a lead 35-17 at halftime. ASU makes a little noise in the second half, but Tech plays keep away and heads home with a big morale boost. (2-0)

Texas Tech 45, Arizona State 31

Drew Borsellino - After what should be a blowout in week 1, the Red Raiders will face a tougher opponent in the Sun Devils. Arizona St had back to back 10-win seasons but then went 6-7 last year. This one should be a pretty good game but in the end the Red Raiders' offense is just too much.

Texas Tech 45, Arizona St 35

Maitland Rutledge - Tech and ASU play for the first time since the 2013 Holiday Bowl and the Sun Devils are looking for revenge. Last year ASU finished 6-7 with a loss to West Virginia in the Cactus Bowl. It was a far cry from what they had been the past two years (10-3 in 2014 and 10-4 in 2015). ASU and Tech’s offenses will light up the scoreboard in Tempe, AZ but the Red Raiders come out on top.

Texas Tech 42, Arizona State 35

Eric Linthicum - Just like last year with Arkansas we go on the road to face a good non-conference opponent. Look for this one to be a high scoring affair since ASU runs a spread offense that can score points in a hurry. ASU will have a new starting QB and it will probably be Manny Wilkins. Superior QB play by Texas Tech will end up being the difference in this one.

Texas Tech 45, Arizona State 31

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - This is an interesting game since it’s the first road game and it’s so early in the season. Arizona State’s defense might stall the Red Raider’s offense for a bit, but I don’t see Mahomes having a tough time against the Sun Devils. It can either be a really close game, or the floodgates open for the Sun Devils.

Texas Tech 49, Arizona State 31

Kyle Jacobson - I see this game a lot like our matchup with Arkansas last season. A decent but not great power five team on the road in front of a pretty large crowd. Given Texas Tech’s road wins at Arkansas and at Texas last season, I think it’s fairly safe to say the team has matured in their ability to play on the road. Arizona State is tasked with replacing their starting QB and leading WR from last season and had an atrocious pass defense. Assuming Mahomes and the receivers can take advantage of that weakness, hopefully we’re in for a big game offensively.

Texas Tech 41, Arizona State 27


Texas Tech: 6

Arizona State: 1


Texas Tech: 45.57

Arizona State: 35.14

NCAA Football: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl-Arkansas State vs Louisiana Tech Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - If Texas Tech loses to Arizona State, there is no way they lose this game. It will be very difficult to not go 2-1 with this preseason schedule. Louisiana Tech is losing their best running back they’ve ever had, and they’re facing an angry Texas Tech team that is turning the corner. This one is never close in any facet of the game.

Texas Tech 66, Louisiana Tech 17

Drew Borsellino - If we were playing the Bulldogs team from last year I'd be afraid of this matchup, but La Tech lost some key players. QB Jeff Driskel and RB Kenneth Dixon are now in the NFL and they both leave big holes to fill. I expect Texas Tech to get the W in the Battle of the Techs.

Texas Tech 49, Louisiana Tech 28

Ryan Smith - What makes this game so interesting is the coaches Texas Tech and Louisiana Tech's swapped in the off-season. Tech hired Karl Scott as the cornerback's coach from Louisiana Tech, while Kevin Curtis, who had previously coached corners for Tech 2013-2015, went to the Bulldogs. This game is important just to show Kingsbury and Gibbs pushed all the right buttons in getting the staff straight and the DB's showing considerable improvement over their former coach. Tech should run away with this one and enter conference 3-0 with a fairly easy win. (3-0)

Texas Tech 51, Louisiana Tech 24

Kyle Jacobson - Even though it’s a home game against a lesser opponent than the week before, Louisiana Tech is usually one of the better group of five teams. They’re no powerhouse, and Texas Tech should be able to overmatch the Bulldogs, but they shouldn’t take them lightly. It may be a close game early, but Texas Tech’s offensive firepower will be too much for Louisiana Tech to handle.

Texas Tech 56, Louisiana Tech 30

Maitland Rutledge - When I first looked at Louisiana Tech’s record last year, I thought this one could be close. However, I forgot the Bulldogs play in the Conference USA. They went 9-4 (6-2 in conference play) with a win against Arkansas State in the New Orleans Bowl. However, outside of the conference they lost to Kansas State and Mississippi State. Patrick Mahomes and the high-powered Tech offense will be too much for the Bulldogs to handle and Tech will go to 3-0.

Texas Tech 38, Louisiana Tech 21

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - This might be the first actual test for the Texas Tech defense. La-Tech likes to run the ball, and behind Kenneth Dixon, was their quarterback Jeff Driskel who carried the ball a lot. If this is the type of game the Bulldogs bring to Lubbock, the defense will have to lock in and have a great game. Otherwise, the offense will have to keep ahead of La-Tech to pull this one out.

Texas Tech 42, Louisiana Tech 28

Eric Linthicum - Tech returns home for their final non-conference game and will have to give LA Tech the respect they deserve. Louisiana Tech is no push over and has enjoyed much success the past several years in the Southland Conference, WAC and now Conference USA. LA Tech head coach Skip Holtz has kept the program at the same level his predecessor Sonny Dykes left it. With all that being said Texas Tech should overpower this opponent with offense.

Texas Tech 52, Lousiana Tech 24


Texas Tech: 7

Louisiana Tech: 0


Texas Tech: 50.57

Louisiana Tech: 24.57

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - I make it a point to never make iron-clad guarantees, and I won’t start here. Kansas, despite their hilarious ineptitude, has played us very close the psat few years. They took us into overtime in 2012, went up 10-0 in 2013, played admirably in 2014, and nearly gave us a heart attack with their DL stunts and short zone coverages in 2015. Mark my words: this game will be closer than you think, simply because the Jayhawks just seem to play a little bit better against us. Or we play to their level. Whatever the reason, it will be a scare.

Texas Tech 35, Kansas 31

Ryan Smith - In what has been a dreadful game for Kingsbury's team in recent history shapes up as expected to this year. No struggling offense or crazy back and forth game this year. Tech and Mahomes look solid in the opener on national television. We finally see the stable of running backs break loose and have a day rushing for a total over 300 yards. Stockton, Felton, Dauphine and White all have TDs as Tech cruises to victory. (4-0, 1-0)

Texas Tech 59, Kansas 28

Drew Borsellino - I actually like that this game was moved to prime time on Thursday night. It'll be one of only two college games on TV and Patrick Mahomes will be able to show off what he's all about against a lowly Jayhawks team. This one shouldn't be much of a contest.

Texas Tech 59, Kansas 17

Kyle Jacobson - The Jayhawks have been downright atrocious in years past. Even still, Texas Tech has notoriously struggled to beat up on such an inferior opponent. The two teams went to overtime in 2012, Tech won big in 2013 after a slow start, Tech won a flat, unimpressive game in 2014, and was in a close battle in the 4th quarter with the Jayhawks last season. This should be a Texas Tech win, and hopefully they finally blowout Kansas from start to finish with the Thursday night crowd behind them.

Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21

Maitland Rutledge - Tech gets a Thursday night primetime game at home for the first time since 2013. The only downer, it’s against the lowly Jayhawks. Last year the Jayhawks went 0-12. Yes you read correctly, this team didn’t win a single game in 2015. I would say this is a cakewalk, but Kansas always seems to play Tech close. Last year the Jayhawks almost came back until Jah’Shawn Johnson iced the game with a pick 6. Kliff gets the guys motivated and Tech wins this one easily.

Texas Tech 49, Kansas 17

Eric Linthicum - I love Thursday night college football and this year Texas Tech will host the Kansas Jayhawks. There is not much you can say about Kansas except the only direction is up for their program. While I do think we will see some improvement from Kansas they will not be winning their first Big 12 game since November 8, 2014 on this night.

Texas Tech 35, Kansas 17

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - It seems that in the past couple of years Kansas has played the Red Raiders closely. This game will be different. Although it being a Thursday night game, it’s still a home game and the offense will overpower Kansas with ease. It’s not up for discussion. I don’t see us scoring less than 50.

Texas Tech 59, Kansas 14


Texas Tech: 7

Kansas: 0


Texas Tech: 51.28

Kansas: 20.71

NCAA Football: Liberty Bowl-Kansas State vs Arkansas Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - It’s been ages since we’ve won in Manhattan. I could go for the low-hanging fruit here and say that we haven’t beaten KSU since Bill Snyder was the head coach, so we haven’t beaten KSU since 1896, but since this is a serious preview I’ll restrain myself. Kansas State plays disciplined. They play fundamentally sound. They also aren’t fast, and they lost a lot of their talent from last year. We’ll take it over the Snydercats this year.

Texas Tech 48, Kansas State 31

Drew Borsellino - Somehow, someway Bill Snyder always gets the best out of his players even if they aren't top-notch recruits. Last year though, the Red Raiders rolled in Lubbock. I still think Texas Tech can get it done this year against the Wildcats although Manhattan can be a tough place to play.

Texas Tech 42, Kansas State 35

Ryan Smith - Games against the Wildcats haven't been easy since 2009. How will this group handle a trip to the Little Apple this year? With a gutsy win on a rainy Saturday. Mahomes starts to flex his Heisman potential as he carries the offense to a close win. The defense does just enough with a couple of big stops from Jamiele Johnson and Houston Miller. (5-0, 2-0)

Texas Tech 31, Kansas State 28

Kyle Jacobson - Bill Snyder’s Wildcats are always a wild card. They’re never expected to be all that great before the season starts, then by October they’re ranked in the top 10 in the country or are in the thick of the Big 12 title conversation. Manhattan is a relatively tough place to play, and Kansas State should be a disciplined, sound team like always. This will be the biggest test of the season so far. Can the Red Raider offense outshine the fundamentals of the Wildcats? I say “yes”.

Texas Tech 34, Kansas State 28

Maitland Rutledge - Tech finally broke through and beat Kansas State last year on senior day. Prior to that win, Tech had lost four straight times to the Wildcats. The Wildcats had a down season last year going 6-7 overall with a 3-6 Big 12 Conference record. The Red Raiders have not beaten the Wildcats in Manhattan since 2008, but this year that curse ends. Tech goes to 5-0, remaining unbeaten.

Texas Tech 41, Kansas State 28

Eric Linthicum - Traveling to Manhattan is never easy for Texas Tech. Tech has not won their since 2008 so will this be their breakthrough year? KSU will have a strong defense again and will have a much better QB in Jesse Ertz. If you recall Ertz was injured on the first drive of the 2015 season and was unable to return. By far this will be Tech’s first true test of the 2016 season and will tell us a lot about how conference play will go.

Texas Tech 28, Kansas State 24

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - Bill Snyder’s game will tire our defense out, but Tech’s offense will still be red hot and outscore Kansas State. I can see our defense starting to bend, but not break. KSU’s defense may come out ready to play, but Mahomes will find a way to finish plays.

Texas Tech 45, Kansas State 35


Texas Tech: 7

Kansas State: 0


Texas Tech: 38.43

Kansas State: 29.86

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-West Virginia vs Arizona State Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - I have no idea where the West Virginia Mountaineers will be at this point in the season. I have no idea what to make of Skylar Howard. I have no idea what to make of the fact that WVU is losing a bunch of excellent defensive backs. What I do know is simple: this game is in Lubbock. For that reason only, I’m giving the edge to Texas Tech. Everything else is a toss-up.

Texas Tech 45, West Virginia 38

Drew Borsellino - The Mountaineers have somehow managed to squeak out wins against the Red Raiders over the past few seasons. I expect this matchup to be a very close game as well. These two teams play very similarly but in the end the Red Raiders have the best player on the field.

Texas Tech 45, West Virginia 42

Ryan Smith - TRAP GAME! West Virginia is always dangerous and Kingsbury hasn't gotten the better of his old coach since 2013. Added to the fact that Oklahoma is coming to town the next weekend... everyone is looking ahead to what could be the 2nd GameDay visit to Lubbock. The leadership for this team shows up and wills it's way to a win to set up a huge showdown against an undefeated OU. Mahomes, Fehoko, Hinton and Cantrell all have big days and Lubbock can exhale as Tech enters the Top 25 for the first time. (6-0, 3-0)

Texas Tech 41, WVU 31

Kyle Jacobson - The Red Raiders have dropped two consecutive games to the Mountaineers, both in disappointing fashion that left fans thinking “what could have been?” The West Virginia offense was off and on throughout last season, and they even discussed switching QB’s mid-season. If Texas Tech’s offense can be more consistent and potent than West Virginia’s, it should be enough to carry the team to victory even if the Red Raider defense struggles like it did last season.

Texas Tech 42, West Virginia 37

Maitland Rutledge - This one could go either way to me. The past two years I’ve thought Tech was going to get it done. However, a game-winning field goal in 2014 and a lackluster performance in 2015 dashed those hopes. I strongly believe this is the year Tech gets it done against West Virginia. Lou Groza Award watch list kicker Clayton Hatfield makes a game-winning field goal to keep Tech’s undefeated season alive.

Texas Tech 31, West Virginia 28

Eric Linthicum - I love Texas Tech’s potential this year because of their home schedule. Getting WVU at home this year really helps me sway this one in Tech’s favor. How good WVU will be in 2016 is tough to predict. Their offense will be good led by a senior QB and most of the receiving core returning, but their defense and coaching staff had lots of turnover. The one common theme I found when reading about WVU is head coach Dana Holgorsen is on the hot seat.

Texas Tech 49, West Virginia 45

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - More bend in the defense this week than others. WVU started to heat up a bit last season, and so I believe that will transition easily over to this season. This will be a shootout, but considering their not top competition and it’s a home game, Texas Tech has the last say in the barn-burner.

Texas Tech 56, West Virginia 42


Texas Tech: 7

West Virginia: 0


Texas Tech: 44.14

West Virginia: 37.57

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Oklahoma vs Clemson Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - I’m taking the Red Raiders in this one. They’re rolling after a couple of good wins, and they get just enough stops to edge out the Sooners. It’s like the Texas Tech - TCU game from 2015, except it has a happy ending.

Texas Tech 56, Oklahoma 52

Ryan Smith - GameDay is here. A top 5 Oklahoma team with Baker Mayfield and Lincoln Riley returning to Lubbock for the first time since they left, has everyone buzzing. Though OU has righted the ship in recent years in Lubbock, time finally catches up with them. Mayfield is knocked out of the game early in the 2nd quarter, and their offense never really finds their rhythm as Tech looks dominant for three quarters. It's not until half-way through the 4th that OU starts their comeback and though they put a scare into Tech, it's too little too late as Tech shocks the Big 12 and dismisses Oklahoma from the Playoff talk... at least for the moment. (7-0, 4-0)

Texas Tech 45, Oklahoma 38

Drew Borsellino - This is the game we've all been waiting for. Baker Mayfield makes his return to Lubbock and both teams could very well be undefeated at this point in the season. If that's the case the atmosphere will be electric. Even if the Red Raiders have loss by this game, it'll still be a crazy setting in the Hub City.

Texas Tech 45, Oklahoma 48

Kyle Jacobson - If you’re keeping score at home, that’s a 6-0 start for Texas Tech, which is awesome. It’s certainly a best case scenario, but even in a worst case scenario I see us at 4-2 headed into the matchup with the Sooners. Assuming both teams are healthy and relatively close to what we think they’ll be on the field, this sets up quite the showdown. While I think the Red Raider offense shows up at home, Oklahoma is just too talented from top to bottom. It will be close early but Oklahoma will pull away late.

Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma 49

Maitland Rutledge - This will be a great game. Arguably the best two QBs in the Big 12, Mahomes and Mayfield, square off for what should be a shootout between two great offenses. Turnovers and overall poor play killed Tech’s chances in Norman last year, but this year it’s at the Jones where Tech always seems to play better. This one will go down to the wire, but Mayfield and the Sooners prevail, ending Tech’s undefeated season.

Oklahoma 42, Texas Tech 38

Eric Linthicum - As usual the Sooners are favorites to win the Big 12. OU will be featuring a 2 headed running game that will probably be as nasty as they come. While Tech will score some points in this one I just don’t see us being able to stop the run and control the game. Coach Stoops knows that running the ball against Tech will be his best game plan. No doubt Jones stadium will be as rowdy as it has been in years with Baker Mayfield coming to town and that will have an impact on the game.

Texas Tech 42, Oklahoma 55

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - Easily the most anticipated game of the season for several reasons. Every ounce of me hopes that this game will be played underneath lights, which only adds to the hype of this game. Baker Mayfield visits Lubbock for the first time since becoming a Sooner, Mahomes is hitting his strides week by week, this game will be a must-watch. If our defense can find that little bit of extra fight in them to close the game, Tech upsets a very good OU team.

Texas Tech 65, Oklahoma 62


Texas Tech: 3

Oklahoma: 4


Texas Tech: 47.43

Oklahoma: 49.43

NCAA Football: Valero Alamo Bowl-Oregon vs Texas Christian Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - TCU is somehow underrated coming into this season. They have so much experience coming back on the defensive side of the ball from the pure amount of players that they had to play that it isn’t funny. By this point in the year, their offense is chugging under Kenny Hill and their defense is hitting their stride. Also, factoring in that this game is in Fort Worth, it doesn’t look good for the Red Raiders. It pains me to do this, but I don’t think this one’s close. It’s not 82-27 bad, but it’s bad.

TCU 56, Texas Tech 31

Drew Borsellino - The last time the Red Raiders went to Fort Worth they got 82 points hung on them. With the departure of Trevone Boykin, will the Horned Frogs lose any momentum? I truly believe that Texas Tech can walk away from this one with the win. I don't expect Kenny Hill to fill the void left behind.

Texas Tech 49, TCU 42

Ryan Smith - Coming off a huge win over OU, Tech travels to Fort Worth to take on a rebuilding TCU squad. This game isn't so much about how good TCU plays, but how poorly Tech does. It's a complete letdown. Kingsbury takes the blame for not having the guys ready to play and that they need to move on. Mahomes throws 2 INTs, one for a pick six as Tech's undefeated run, comes to an end. (7-1, 4-1)

Texas Tech 28, TCU 42

Kyle Jacobson - Amon G. Carter stadium doesn’t exactly scream “intimidation”, but it’s a road game nonetheless, and a road game Tech lost by 55 points last time. This all depends on how well the Horned Frog offense is humming with a new QB (likely A&M transfer Kenny Hill). If the offense is potent and TCU has a signature Gary Patterson defense, they’ll be Big 12 title contenders. If the offense is sputtering, Tech could steal one in Fort Worth. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will pull it off.

TCU 38, Texas Tech 37

Maitland Rutledge - You still have nightmares of the past two years? I do. Tech returns to the place it gave up 82 points two years ago and there’s no doubt Kliff will use that as motivation. TCU is losing several skill players on offense in Trevone Boykin, Aaron Green, Josh Doctson, and others. Tech is returning a lot more starters on an offense that came three points short of an upset last year. I believe Tech wins this game but not by much and erases the terrifying memories of the last two years.

TCU 35, Texas Tech 42

Eric Linthicum - I do not consider Amon G. Carter stadium a place that provides a huge home field advantage for the Horned Frogs. Tech has had success there, but TCU will be a really good team. How good without Boykin and Doctson will be the big question. The offense is also losing four starters on the offensive line. Patterson’s team always play good defense and I know 2016 will be no different. The Big 12 is all about offense and based on TCU’s turnover on that side of the ball I give Tech the nod in the revenge game.

Texas Tech 27, TCU 21

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - If by some miracle our defense isn’t on its last leg and they find a second wind, Tech could pull this one out. Kenny Hill may be great, he may be average, but I don’t see him playing terrible. The defense will have a hard time keeping up, TCU pulls away late, and Tech earns its first loss of the season.

TCU 49, Texas Tech 38


Texas Tech: 3

TCU: 4


Texas Tech: 36

TCU: 40.43

NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - The fallout from the TCU loss is so bad that we can’t recover in time. There’s something to be said about playing six games in a row as well, especially three in a row against WVU, OU, and TCU. I’ll give it to Texas by a last second field goal. That’s it.

Texas Tech 42, Texas 45

Ryan Smith - Tech comes home to a struggling Texas team. Fueled by the Charlie Strong's comments in Spring Ball, Tech has victories over Texas in back to back seasons for the first time, in what seems like forever. It's a huge win as Kingsbury says he's beaten Texas more than 20% of the time, in fact it's 50% of the time (Which doesn't sit will with a certain coach whose team is still in conversation to come to the Big 12). (8-1, 5-1)

Texas Tech 45, Texas 24

Drew Borsellino - Texas always seems to give us all they've got when they face the Red Raiders. Last year the Longhorns had a down year but still played us hard down to the last minute. If Texas can get solid play from the QB position they'll be much better this year. I expect this to be a physical game with Texas Tech coming out on top.

Texas Tech 41, Texas 38

Kyle Jacobson - Texas Tech has beaten Texas two years in a row just three times – 1967 & 1968, 1993 & 1994, and 1997 & 1998. The Longhorns haven’t settled on a starting QB, and field a defense that Tech scored 48 points on last season on the road. With how well our offense plays at home compared to on the road, one might expect a Texas Tech win. I don’t. To me, you have to prove you can beat a team more than once or twice per decade for me to predict it will happen. As much as I hate to say it, Texas Tech drops its third straight.

Texas 38, Texas Tech 31

Maitland Rutledge - UT week! No matter how bad Texas may be by this point in the season, this one will still be the game of the year at the Jones in my opinion. Tech has a chance to beat the Longhorns back-to-back years for the first time since the 1997 and 1998 seasons. Texas has offensive weapons like Tyrone Swoopes and Chris Warren III returning, who kept Texas in the game last year. The Jones will be rocking and it will be too much for the Longhorns to handle as Tech will beat Texas two years in a row to go to 8-1.

Texas 24, Texas Tech 35

Eric Linthicum - What an interesting year this will be for the Longhorns. Every single game Coach Strong will be coaching for his job. Texas will be better this year, but they still do not have a solid QB and QB’s matter in this conference. The Longhorns are also young in a lot of areas and it will show.

Texas Tech 48, Texas 27

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - It’s an in-state rivalry game, and I’m sure Texas wants revenge after a bizarre game and loss on thanksgiving of last year. Texas Tech shakes off their close game with TCU and comes back with some fight. Chris Warren might have a field day with our defense, but a couple of turnovers will stop UT from pulling out a win.

Texas Tech 42, Texas 35


Texas Tech: 5

Texas: 2


Texas Tech: 40.57

Texas: 33

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Mississippi Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - Once again, I have no idea what to make of this team at the beginning of the season. I’m not high on Mason Rudolph, but there’s definitely potential that he surprises a lot of people. Losing Ogbah sucks, but it’s not enough to derail an entire defense. Oklahoma State won’t be in playoff contention, but they’ll definitely be a top-25 level team. I’m giving them the edge here because of home field advantage, but it’s by a hair’s breadth.

Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma State 42

Drew Borsellino - Some have the Cowboys to finish as high as 2nd in the Big 12. Last year Oklahoma St won 10 straight before losing its last 2 regular season games and bowl game against Ole Miss. The Cowboys have an outstanding defense and above average defense. As much as I hate to say it, I think they'll have the advantage in Stillwater.

Texas Tech 42, Oklahoma State 49

Ryan Smith - Tech hasn't beaten OSU since 2008. It should be just percentages that Tech would win this game, but alas, Mike Gundy still has Tech's number. Though the game is close, it's still not enough as the Red Raiders drop their second game of the season. (8-2, 5-2)

Oklahoma State 38, Texas Tech 24

Kyle Jacobson - Texas Tech hasn’t beaten Oklahoma State since 2008. Stillwater is a pretty tough place to play, and coming off three straight losses, I think Texas Tech comes out flat and gets hit in the mouth early, leading to a blowout loss at the hands of the Cowboys.

Oklahoma State 49, Texas Tech 20

Maitland Rutledge - Oh Xerox State, we meet again! No matter how good Tech looks on paper against the Cowboys, they always seem to have their number. I don’t know what voodoo Mike Gundy does before each game vs. Tech but it seems to work every year. Tech has not beaten the Cowboys since 2008 and unfortunately I believe that streak continues.

Oklahoma State 38, Texas Tech 24

Eric Linthicum - This will be the Red Raiders toughest road game of the season. OSU is returning 16 starters and a solid QB in Mason Rudolph. Texas Tech will have an offense that is just as good if not better than OSU, but the Cowboys defense mixed with home field advantage will prove to be a difficult task for Kingsbury and company.

Texas Tech 34, Oklahoma State 45

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - The sheer of history of this series puts Tech at a disadvantage. The gauntlet that starts with OU will have the Tech defense with their backs against the walls. Mahomes will keep the Red Raiders in the game, but it’ll be tough to close it out in Stillwater. Tech will lose another one in a close and physical game.

Oklahoma State 56, Texas Tech 38


Texas Tech: 0

Oklahoma State: 7


Texas Tech: 31.86

Oklahoma State: 45.29

NCAA Football: Iowa State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - Let’s be real here: ISU made a great hire in Matt Campbell and they’re never as bad as they seem. I’m willing to give the Cyclones a fighting chance here, but I still don’t think they’ve made it yet. This is a team that’s going to go through some growing pains before they start hitting back, and Texas Tech is on the warpath at this point.

Texas Tech 66, Iowa State 28

Ryan Smith - A new coach for the Cyclones isn't a match in his first year for Tech's offense. Mahomes, statistically is putting up Heisman numbers, but the losses to TCU and OSU has him out of the running. Mahomes throws for 4 TDs and rushes for another has Tech wins running away. (9-2, 6-2)

Texas Tech 50, Iowa State 28

Drew Borsellino - Iowa St has a new head coach and we'll see how fast he can turn the Cyclones around. I don't expect this season to be the turn around season though. It'll take a few seasons for Matt Campbell to get the Cyclones to a bowl game. However, Iowa St did bet Texas 24-0 last year so you never know what might happen.

Texas Tech 66, Iowa St 35

Maitland Rutledge - Oh those poor Cyclones. Tech has beaten this team each year since 2012 and nothing changes this season. Last year Tech hung 66 points on the Cyclones with backups playing most of the second half. I don’t think Tech scores 66 points again on Iowa State, especially on the road, but this game should be a relatively easy one for the Red Raiders.

Iowa State 17, Texas Tech 38

Kyle Jacobson - Well, it’s gut check time now. At 6-4, Texas Tech is in a position to finish the season as well as 8-4 or as poorly as 6-6. Iowa State is traditionally a pretty easy win, but Jack Trice Stadium is a tough stadium to play in, especially in late November when the cold weather becomes a factor. Texas Tech has only won one game north of the state of Oklahoma in the month of November since 1941. That one win was in 2014 against Iowa State. Texas Tech gets back on track in a fairly close game against an improved Cyclones squad.

Texas Tech 42, Iowa State 31

Eric Linthicum - Traveling on the road in back to back weeks late in the season is hard on any football team. Texas Tech will have to be focused and ready when they travel to Iowa State. If they are not prepared to play and lose it will kill what has been a great season thus far. ISU’s first year head coach Matt Campbell is a great hire, but Tech should survive the rebuilding project in Ames, Iowa.

Texas Tech 55, ISU 28

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - A game in Ames might be a huge question mark, and Iowa State can be a pretty decent team. Texas Tech could have a tough time against this team, but I don’t see it being a difficult game. The defense will be tired, but they’ll still be in rhythm. Without any injuries or bizarre plays, Tech wins a fairly competitive game.

Texas Tech 45, Iowa State 28


Texas Tech: 7

Iowa State: 0


Texas Tech: 51.71

Iowa State: 27.86

NCAA Football: Russell Athletic Bowl-North Carolina vs Baylor Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports


Hunter Cooke - A lot has been said about Baylor. Let’s talk about football. The framework of those great Baylor teams is still in place at Waco, whether Jim Grobe is the head coach or not. The Bears will not be 6-6, but they won’t be 11-1 either. Regardless, I think this is where the Kliff Kingsbury revenge tour begins. Texas Tech edges Baylor in a fantastic game from both teams.

Texas Tech 45, Baylor 42

Drew Borsellino - Texas Tech's regular season play ends with a Black Friday matchup with Baylor. While Baylor has had a ton of off the field issues this offseason, the core of their team is still there. Pretty much all the coaches are still there too besides Art Briles. I think Baylor will still be a top 3 team in the Big 12 this season.

Texas Tech 45, Baylor 52

Ryan Smith - It's been a rough season for Baylor who is making the most of it, given the circumstances. In the season finally at Jerry World, Kingsbury and the Red Raiders finally get over the hump on a depleted Bears team and finish the first double-digit win season since 2008. (10-2, 7-2).

Texas Tech 56, Baylor 42

Maitland Rutledge - Despite all the turmoil Baylor is going through, they should still be a respectable team next season based on their returning talent. Seth Russell, Shock Linwood, and K.D. Cannon are three big stars on offense Tech had trouble dealing with last year. I believe this game will be very similar to the 2014 one where Tech came up just short of an upset. Mahomes and the offense will play lights out, but the defense gives up a late touchdown.

Baylor 52, Texas Tech 49

Kyle Jacobson - This is perhaps the most unpredictable game on the schedule. Is Baylor a dumpster fire? Is it in a slight rebuild? Or is it contending for yet another Big 12 title? I think the Bears will be decent, but not stellar. It will be a shootout, like it always is, the only question is who emerges on top. Since I’ve been pessimistic about Tech’s chances against other top Big 12 teams, I’ll predict they beat a solid Baylor team in its most impressive win this season.

Texas Tech 56, Baylor 49

Eric Linthicum - As much as I hate to say it Baylor will be good this year. Their offense will still be potent as QB Seth Russell returns from injury and the running game didn’t have much turnover. The defense should take a step back in 2016 and that is where Tech will have to take advantage. In my mind this game will have an over/under of around 120.

Texas Tech 52, Baylor 66

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez - Amid all the controversy down at Waco, the Bears still has a season to play. This being the tail-end of the season both teams will be tired. Recognizing the recent contests between these two teams, I see Baylor pulling out a close one despite both teams playing close. It could come down to who has the ball last, but I see Baylor somehow winning it in the end.

Baylor 56, Texas Tech 45


Texas Tech: 3

Baylor: 4


Texas Tech: 49.71

Baylor: 51.29



Hunter Cooke: 8-4

Ryan Smith: 10-2

Drew Borsellino: 9-3

Kyle Jacobson: 8-4

Eric Linthicum: 9-3

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez: 9-3

Maitland Rutledge: 9-3


8.86 - 3.14