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Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, Second Round: The Bracket

A recap of the first round and a look ahead at the second round...

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This tournament of Texas Tech football uniforms has been a lot of fun so far. We had the #11 seed upset the #6 seed, the #3 seed barely beat the #14 seed (51% to 49%), and an exact tie between the #7 and #10 seeds in the first round (the higher seed advances in the event of a tie).

Now we’re going to reset the bracket for the second round, which will start Monday of next week, with eight uniform combinations remaining. Here are the four matchups of the second round, with the percentage of the vote won by each uniform in the first round:

Monday: #1 Black Throwbacks (80%) vs. #8 Black/White/Black (81%)

Tuesday: #5 White Throwbacks (71%) vs. #4 Black/Red/Red (85%)

Wednesday: #11 Black Lone Star Pride (76%) vs. #3 Black/Black/Black (51%)

Thursday: #7 Black/White/Red (50%) vs. #2 Black/Red/Black (96%)

Monday and Tuesday's winners will face off in one semifinal, while Wednesday and Thursday's winners will face off in the other semifinal. There are a couple interesting things to watch for in the next round. First, we could see the pair of throwbacks go up against each other in the semifinals, setting up a classic vs. modern championship. Second, only two road uniforms remain. Can they compete with the more colorful home uniforms?