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No sweep this year. Texas Tech loses to Texas, 69-59.

The Red Raiders go on the road and lose decisively. Tech is now 13-9 (3-7 Big 12).

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We all know it is hard to win on the road and today was no exception. For me the only thing worse than losing to Texas, is losing to Texas on the sorry Longhorn Network. That is all I will say about that. Tech came out aggressive and energetic in the first half. Both teams looked comfortable playing at a fast pace and Tech had no problems handling the full court pressure. Even though the Red Raiders trailed 36-30 at the half it felt like the game was going to be close all the way to the end.

As it turned out we lost Temple to an injury, which forced us to play small ball. When you play small ball you have to make jump shots and drive to the basket. The last ten minutes of the game Tech struggled with both of those. In the end we just didn't make enough shots to get close enough to have a chance to win. The Longhorns are a good team, but not a great team. Tech lost the game today because of the way they played not because the other team was better. For the first time this season I found myself squirming in my chair with frustration. We have no leader that will stand up and carry this team to victory.

Game Notes

  • Kennan Evans led the team scoring 14 points. Gray, Williams, and Gotcher combined for 19. We will not win many games with that offensive production. Tubby Smith must be really frustrated with the inconsistent play.
  • Tech was 16-24 (67%) from the free throw line.
  • Temple went out in the first half when he took an elbow to his eye. Let's hope he gets healed up and back on the court next week. To my surprise he is really starting to have a positive impact on this team. When he left the game we were suddenly over matched and out of sync on offense.
  • Rokus Ulvydas is a complete non factor and is no where near ready to play in these games, I do believe he will get there, but stepping into the lineup in mid January was a tall order.
Next up the Red Raiders welcome in #13 Iowa State on Wednesday at 8 pm.