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The OSU/TTU Basketball Game Only Had One More Total Point Than The Football Game

haha holy crap how did we forget about this

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

So last night's basketball game was a riot. It's always fun to get a big win, especially in Overtime in a game that's crucial for your post season survival. After taking a peek at the stats, I noticed a freaking crazy fact from the final score. The total score of Texas Tech and Oklahoma State's basketball game was 124 (61+64). The total score of Texas Tech and Oklahoma State's football game was 123 (70+53). Here's a video in case you want to be reminded of how we choked the football game away.

God dang this one hurt. We had heroics from Toddrick Gotcher, Aaron Ross, and Devaughntah Williams last night, but it's near impossible to forget Jakeem Grant's Charge of the Light Brigade foray into heroic futility in this game. 123 total points. That's insane.

It just goes to show how prolific that Texas Tech offense is, and how much that defense struggled. Texas Tech is literally putting up basketball scores and can't get a win. That's why I'm really thankful for the way this coaching staff is recruiting, especially with the guys they brought in on the DL. Houston Miller, who you can hear from on the latest rendition of the Air Raid podcast, is one of those guys that hopefully can change the culture around here.

Dang I hope we get this defense thing figured out soon.