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The Effects Of Dabbing

We all know the dance celebration made popular by Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton. But how do is affect the life and game of recipients?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The "dab" is a dance move made popular by Cam Newton from the rap group Migos. The dance is generally performed by athletes who have completed a fantastic or crucial play and is executed by pulling ones left elbow over the face (Not to be confused with sneezing).

Anyone who completes it is displaying to the world that they are the shit. But what happens when the dab ends? While more studies are needed to confirm the long-lasting implications of the dab, one thing is certain: It hurts to get dabbed on.

Place yourself in the shoes of a Kansas Jawhawk who is only trying their hardest to tackle Jakeem Grant. Now you're only human and you make a mistake, or just can't manage to compete on the same level as another. It's bad enough you failed but now they dab on you?! The shame must be unbearable you hang your head and try your hardest to continue on, but still something lingers in the back of your mind. After the game you aren't even able to make eye contact with your teammates and things only get worse when you get back to Lawrence.

The taste of humiliation coats your mouth and the silence of an empty house deafens your soul. Everywhere you look you see it again: The Dab. Sleep becomes an escape, but only until the nightmares start. Your life spirals out of control until you dissolve into a shadow of the athlete you once were, incapable of playing professionally. Your finances decay and loved ones can't stand the embarrassment of associating with you. You have nothing left, and by no fault of your own.

These are the unseen effects of the Dab, and the public must be made aware! It is a free country and you are free to do as you please, but please think of the repercussions of your actions before dabbing on an innocent opponent. Now go forth and wreck the day!