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Big XII Moves Texas Tech vs. Kansas Football To Thursday Night

The Red Raiders are getting the Thursday night football treatment

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A whole lot of us complained a lot about the Big XII not giving Texas Tech any primetime coverage at all in 2015. Now, we've got a Thursday night slot... against Kansas

Despite Kansas's Football futility, the Jayhawks have played the Red Raiders close as of late. In 2012 the Jayhawks took a Seth Doege led team into an overtime game that Texas Tech eventually won. Or simply didn't lose, I don't really know. In 2013 Tech blew Kansas out. In 2014 the Red Raiders had one of their best defensive outings in years, holding the god-awful Kansas offense to 35 points. In 2015 the strangeness struck again, with Kansas mostly stymying the vaunted Red Raider offense led by Patrick Mahomes to 30 points, with the Jah'Shawn Johnson sealing the deal with an interception as Kansas was driving to make it a one possession game.

While it's great to have a primetime game, it just sucks that it comes against our statistically weakest opponent who we haven't played well against in recent years. It seems like a lose-lose situation, if we dominate we were supposed to, if we struggle we just suck. Primetime games are awesome. This one just isn't. Thanks Big XII, you're really helping us out here.

UPDATE (2:03 PM):