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The Best Star Wars Jokes From Star Wars Night

Texas Tech had Star Wars Night at the USA yesterday. Here are the best Star Wars/Tech Basketball crossover jokes

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Star Wars night and some insane basketball always makes for a good time. Here are the best Star Wars/TTU Basketball jokes from the VTM Slack chat and social media.

Brice Paterik:

Brice: We're looking like Battle Droids out there. Rigid, unoriginal, and occasionally comically bad.

Ryan Smith: more like battle droids playing Jar Jar

Brice: at least Jar Jar had some sick hops

I wish I could get proton torpedoed in the face to put me out of my misery

(first half blues)

Eric Linthicum:

Someone forgot to turn off the deflector shields around our basket

(first half blues)


I'm gonna link my own tweets in here, if you don't like it I really don't care, self plagiarism isn't against the law.

Cameron was on fire yesterday.

Forrest came in from downtown with the obscure A New Hope *Empire Strikes Back references.

Even the official accounts got in on the fun.

Sports are always more fun when you can make jokes, and they're definitely more fun when you pull out a win.