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Bowl Season Pickem Results

After a crazy bowl season, full of blowouts, and a crazy comeback game, who won the VTM pickem contest?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Bowl Season was strange. There were several blowouts, the big games were on a day when nobody wanted to watch football (as evidenced by the ratings), and TCU pulled off a major comeback win (even though our 31-point comeback was more impressive). With so many bowl games, the pickem was harder to do. How to distribute over 40 confidence points? There were several teams that just aren't on our radar, and it's hard to guess how a team is going to play. Baylor doesn't have a qb, there's no way they will win, right?

For the group, 9 total players ended up picking games, 6 of which were VTM staff. So there was a good chance we'd be able to beat the 3 readers, right? Drew shot out to a fantastic start, but in the end Adam won out, beating Drew by a mere 3 points.

Player (Overall Record) Points Big 12 Record CFP Record
Adam (22-19)


3-4 0-3
Drew (20-21) 510 2-5 1-2
Charles (22-19) 495 2-5 0-3
Brice (24-17) 489 3-4 2-1
Jonathan (22-19) 482 2-5 2-1
Ryan (22-19) 471 3-4 3-0
Eric (21-20) 446 1-6 1-2
Hunter (20-21) 354 2-5 1-2
OC Raider (16-25) 290 1-6


Even with the discrepancy in points, most of us still managed to stay around .500 on the picks, which is a good average for picking games against the spread. Clearly some were better at assigning confidence points, and that enabled the top players to separate more. Congrats again to Adam for winning.

March Madness will be here before we know it, and there should be at least 1 bracket challenge, and maybe as many as 3 different styles of bracket contests that I'll be hosting. Keep on the lookout to see if you can best the writers again.