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SB Nation Previews Texas Tech And The Big 12

SB Nation previews all of college football including Texas Tech and the Big 12.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

While I am not writing a lot this morning, I hope you have a slow work today because I have a ton of information to share. SB Nation came out with their complete college preview yesterday. This thing has all the college football information you can handle, if you the time to go through it all.

Here's the entire college football preview. I really can't get too excited about an Ohio State vs. Alabama championship game. Although they are both supposed to be really good, I would like to see a dark horse play their way into the championship.

The preview is broken out into several sections. I pulled out the important ones in case you just jump through those that most impact Tech and the Big 12. They predicted every bowl here. They do not predict Tech to make a bowl. Most Red Raiders I know expect a bowl game this year, myself included.

Here is their Big 12 preview. It is more of the same. They predict TCU to win the Big 12 mostly based on their meeting with Baylor taking place in Ft. Worth. Hard to argue with that at this point. Until we start seeing some of these teams on the field, these teams look head and shoulders above the rest of the conference.

Finally, their preview of Tech is here. The Tech previewed is packed full of information. Be warned that you should definitely click on the advanced-stats glossary prior to reading it unless you are a real stats junkie. There is some pretty deep statistical breakdowns that need explanation. I think the Bill nailed the juxtaposition of how the optimist and pessimist view the 2015 Red Raider season.

"You can see whatever you want. An optimist will point to a potential top-20 offense. Plus, said optimist could point to new life on defense and a potentially excellent pass defense.

A pessimist would simply have to point out that the run defense was so embarrassing that Tech went 4-8 despite a good offense and decent pass defense."

A week and a half to go until the season starts. I think I am going to be able to make it.