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Stop Asking Kliff Kingsbury Stupid Questions

He's an interesting dude. Ask him about football. Or Tom Brady. Or Texas Tech stuff, which is relevant. Anything but the GQ bullcrap that is like 99% of what he gets asked.

Original Photo: Kevin Jairaj, USA Today Sports

I guess I need to stop being so optimistic when I hear about a Kliff Kingsbury interview. They all contain more or less the same stuff.

"Hey Kliff, what do you think about the comparisons between you and Ryan Gosling?"

"Is it weird with all of these women hitting on you all the time?"

"Do you want to be in GQ anytime soon?"

None of those questions are real (as far as I know), but it's pretty much all I hear when I listen to a Kliff Kingsbury interview with non Texas Tech affiliated people. The second I hear about Kliff's "bachelor lifestyle" or "Ryan Gosling doppleganger image" I immediately tune the rest of the interview out. It's been a thing. It's been established. Before all y'all enter the comments section with your best "WELL, ACTUALLY, THERE ARE PLENTY OF GOOD INTERVIEWS IF YOU DID YOUR RESEARCH", let's consider the fact that Kingsbury has said it gets dull after awhile.

When asked if he "cringed" at the "bachelor coach" image by Fox Sports, Kliff said, "Yeah, but you just gotta have fun with it" (:50).

It's pretty easy to tell that he isn't exactly comfortable with these types of questions, and that he would much more like to answer stuff about, you know, the thing he's being interviewed for. Maybe the Air Raid offense and how it's implemented. Maybe even his favorite Drake song. This isn't a "No Fun Allowed In Interviews" thing, this is a "Stop Being Repetitive" thing. Yeah, Dana Holgorson gets asked a bunch of stuff about the IV of Red Bull that he gets hopped up on before games, and Les Miles gets asked about whatever Drunk-Granddad-Watching-CNN esque thing he did last month, but the volume of these questions is nowhere near the quantity of personal grooming tips that Kliff is more or less forced to answer, lest he gasp! come off as rude or something.

In an interview with Texas Monthly, they asked him some football stuff, then some stuff about good looks, then if he reads GQ. Kingsbury responds with "But that whole deal's gotten blown out of proportion".

The dude brings it on himself sometimes, as he willingly did this little thing with Esquire.

But let's get real. It was going to happen wether he wanted to or not, as evidenced by Bleacher Report's "Kliff Kingsbury: A Day In The Life Of The Hottest Young Coach In College Football"

Let's talk for a second about us, dear fans. We think we are above all these dumb time-filler repetitive questions. We aren't. Let's take a look at the Reddit "AMA" Kliff did a while back.

First comment is from username "Kliffgasm", and all it says is, "I just wanted you to see my username. bye". Charming.

It takes like 5 or 6 "top" questions before we get to a single question about football. Heck, the dude even answered a question about what hair product he uses.

To be fair, all of this was happening in 2013 and 2014. We still hadn't gotten over the image of Kliff and his Ray-Bans and all the fanfare and all the stuff that comes with being a good looking, high profile, young football coach. But I can guarantee that there aren't many coaches that have to answer this many questions about something completely not related to his job. I thought that maybe we were past this in 2015, but...

... We apparently aren't.

Come on people. Don't waste the man's time by asking the same stuff that's been asked for 3 years. It's all been said before. It's not original, it's not fresh, it's just stupid.