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The Rise of the Red Raiders: Season prediction

The Red Raiders 2015 Season predictions. What's yours?

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I would like to start this off by introducing myself. I am one of the new VTM writers and my name is Clay. I'm from Lubbock and have been around Tech football all my life, but really got into the program during the Leach era. It was high flying, crazy tempo, madness and I loved every minute of it!

That being said I think this is the year we get back on the map as a high flying, fearsome offense. I know some people are a little gun shy to say the Red Raiders will be a good team this year and for good reason. The last two years have been a rollercoaster ride for Tech fans. Kliff came home and everyone had high expectations after a 7-0 run that turned into a train wreck heading into the bowl game. A big bowl win put people back up in the clouds heading into the 2014 season. Then we saw the first three games and the enthusiasm evaporated. We could see the team wasn't ready and didn't have the skill players in place, but that brings me to the 2015 season and my prediction.

Some might say I'm looking through rose colored glasses or have drank too much of the Kool-aid. Either way this is how I predict the 2015 season.

Sam Houston State - Win

UTEP - Win

The next three game stretch of Arkansas, TCU and Baylor will be tough. I think we steal one here, might not be pretty but one of these teams will lose to Tech. Some think Baylor, but I think TCU falls. They will come into the Jones with the College Playoffs in mind not Texas Tech and with the magic that is the Jones they fall to Tech and they will know why "Upset lives here"

Next up Iowa State and Kansas. Both wins, again they may not pretty wins.

After that we have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I'm not sure which one but we get away with another win from one of these schools.

Then Tech faces WVU on the road and K State at the Jones. By this time the offense is firing on all cylinders and the defense is trucking along. I say Tech takes them both for a total of 8 wins so far.

Now to probably the most hated rival left after the Aggies went to the SEC. The Texas longhorns in Austin.

This can be a game that Tech fans dread and at the same time the most fired up for. This is the year Tech gets its revenge by not only beating UT but doing it in their house.

I think that is a dessert we will all like to have come Thanksgiving.

So my prediction is Tech wins a total of 9 wins on the season.

What do you think of my prediction? Have my rose colored glasses glossed over what is really going to happen or do you think I'm on to something?

Leave your comments below and tell me what your predictions are. Wreck'em Tech!