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Texas Tech Position Preview: Quarterbacks

We break down the 2 possible starters for Texas Tech.

A couple weeks into Fall camp the quarterback  battle wages on as we await who will lead the Red Raiders in 2015. After a 3 game run that showed what Mahomes is capable of, most people think he will get the start. So lets look at what they both can bring to the table as both can be an asset to the team.


Patrick Mahomes (So)


Davis Webb (Jr)

Key Returning Starter

We have seen both QB's in action, so let take a look at the differences between the two.

Patrick Mahomes (SO)

Is more a dual threat QB, while he isn't as fast as others on the team like Stockton or Grant. He does have a motor and can make accurate throws on the run.

Mahomes is coming off starting a 3 game stretch in the starting position at the end of last season for 1319 yards passing, 104 yards rushing with 14 TD's and only 2 INT's. He showed poise and ball security for a freshman. If the play just wasn't there he would throw it away and try to get them on the next play instead of forcing the issue. At times he did make poor throws, but I think the gains he made outweighed the freshman mistakes

Davis Webb (Jr)

Is more of the pocket passer, calculating for the quick release.

Webb is coming off a season ending injury last year. He had a very up and down sophomore campaign. In 2014, he put up 2539 yards with 24 TD's and 13 INT's. He did have a slightly better accuracy rating than Mahomes at 61.2%, so even if he lost the starting QB battle that doesn't mean that he isn't an asset to the program. Having two experienced QB's that can give you a chance to win games is not something most schools can say.

Player to Watch

Patrick Mahomes, I think he will win out the competition and if he stays healthy, we should see some impressive numbers coming from this position. Again if Webb is put in I think he gets past the sophomore slump and mature some more with program, he could step in and get the job done as well.

Biggest Question Mark

How much can the QB help improve the offenses red zone scoring, penalties and turnovers? I think most Tech fans know this all too well, It seemed Tech popped out more turnovers last year than Pepperidge farms. So how will it change this year? Attitude, a more cohesive group that's able to lean a little more on a great run game with a stout running back core and arguably one of the best offensive lines in the Big 12. If you add a moderate decrease in penalties earned and ball security, then this could be an extremely  scary offense for the opposition.

Key Stat

Turnovers, and red zone production.  Scoring in the red zone will be crucial this season to win games, unless they are just throwing the deep ball or breaking off a 50+ yard barn burner run to score all the time. I'm perfectly fine with that!

Next up: Special Teams

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