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Texas Tech Fans Unite

Tech fans have a unique opportunity to support something pretty cool.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Well Red Raider nation I am excited to share with you a rare opportunity that we have to support something really cool that focuses on our beloved school. I spoke with Mitchell Patton an '05 Tech alum who is working to produce a film that celebrates the Mike Leach era of Texas Tech football. While we may not all agree on how things could have or should have ended, we can all agree it was the most exciting era in Tech football and that alone is reason enough for celebration in the form of a film.

"Pirates Of The South Plains" will revisit the story of Texas Tech Football's rise to national prominence during the 2000 - 2009 seasons. The film will feature behind the scenes interviews and stories from coaches, players, students and media closest to the program during this time. This documentary project is being produced "By Red Raiders, For Red Raiders". The project isn't financially backed by a TV network or movie studio, so contributions and support from Red Raiders everywhere will have to be the catalyst to get the project completed. The goal of "Pirates Of The South Plains" is to celebrate an inspiring era of Texas Tech Football with a documentary film we can share with Red Raiders for generations.

If you feel compelled to learn more or contribute, please visit the film's website "Pirates Of The South Plains." You can also keep up with all the news and updates on their Facebook page.

Here's a teaser for the film as well as a few snippets from a recent interview with Ruffin McNeil for the film.

UPDATE: Last night I was told that Taylor Potts has agreed to be part of the film.