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Big 12 Mascot Power Rankings

The real question on everyone's mind is what mascot is the best in the Big 12?

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As we lead up to the 2015 season I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about their school's depth chart and what adjustments their coaching staff has made for the new season. I on the other hand, started to wonder what schools' mascots actually are and how they stack up to others in the Big 12. Luckily for everyone else who was wondering, I've gone ahead and made a Big 12 Mascot Power Rankings.

10. Iowa State Cyclones

Sooooooo what does a cardinal have to do with a cyclone? And for what it's worth, what does a cyclone have to do with the Midwest? Maybe if Iowa State was located in a tropical climate the mascot would make sense. I would have gone with the Twisters or Tornados.

9. Oklahoma Sooners

Apparently Sooner refers to someone who settled the unassigned land (Oklahoma) way back in the day. I mean I guess it's not that bad, but Frontiersmen might actually sound better and make more sense. Plus, their logo is a wagon.

8. Kansas Jayhawks

While researching both Oklahoma's and Kansas' mascots I noticed that both were established around the Civil War area, probably why most people have no idea what a Sooner or Jayhawk is. Jayhawkers were groups associated with the movement to make Kansas a free-state. News flash Kansas, it's 2015 not 1860. Also, where did that goofy little bird come from?

7. TCU Horned Frogs

First off, it's a horned lizard not horned frog. There's no such thing as a horned frog. Second, the average length of a horned lizard is 2.7 inches. Pretty scary little animal, isn't it? Also, they squirt blood out of their eyes. That's just nasty.

6. Texas Longhorns

Nothing says intensity and fierceness like a doped up cow. That's pretty much what Bevo is. He just sits on the sideline all game eating hay and pooping. Pretty lazy mascot if you ask me. I mean longhorns are pretty "Texas" but not very ferocious.

5. Kansas State Wildcats

The Wildcats is actually not that bad. It's not very intimidating but it can do damage. I always associate a wildcat being a bobcat, not 100% sure if that's what they were going for but it's a lot better than just a wild tabby cat.

4. West Virginia Mountaineers

West Virginia's mascot looks like a hermit who lives up in the mountains and lives off the land. I mean there's nothing wrong with that but might be kind of hard to find a lady friend that way. If we lived back in the day of Davy Crockett the the Mountaineers would have for sure been at #1.

3. Baylor Bears

While Baylor may not be my favorite school, their mascot is pretty solid. Bears are among the top predators in North America, that's not an opinion but just a fact. Now if your school was located in the Rocky Mountains or Pacific Northwest a bear as a mascot would make sense. But when you're in Waco, Texas it doesn't correlate very well.

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State has the second best mascot in the Big 12, hands down. Now, they may have stole our "Guns Up" and turned it into "Pistols Firing" and they may have a mascot that looks very similar to Raider Red. But if you can't be number one then why not just copy them, right?

1. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Red Raider. Not just a regular one or a blue one like Middle Tennessee State, but a red one. What better mascot is there in the Big 12? You have all these generic ones like the Wildcats and Bears or the super old ones like the Sooners and Jayhawks, but the Red Raiders is the most unique of them all. It embodies Texas Tech's student body and the Texas Tech way of life.