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Video: Texas Tech Pro Day

Texas Tech's pro day took place today in Lubbock. There were a host of teams at the event to watch several Red Raiders be run through drills.

With no Red Raiders invited to the NFL combine this year, today's pro day was the one chance many of these Red Raiders will have to get in front of NFL scouts.

Regardless of today's result, I have a hard time imagining any of Red Raiders getting drafted in the upcoming NFL draft. However I think there are a couple of Red Raiders with a chance to get an invite to an NFL camp:

Bradley Marquez: He is a superb athlete. He was drafted by (and played spring ball with) the New York Mets as well as playing receiver at Tech. That should speak to this athleticism. However it takes more than that to make an NFL roster. There a more than a few really good athletes who never made it to the NFL. I think Bradley has some of the intangibles beyond just the athleticism. He is a hard worker, a willing teammate and model citizen based on all accounts. I could see him being an above average special teamer and getting some spot duty at receiver.

Kenny Williams: I feel Kenny would really have helped himself catch on with an NFL team if he had stayed at running back this past season. The flip side of that is it shows his willingness to do whatever it takes for the team. Not a bad story to tell. He has nice size to play running back at the next level, but the real question for him is his speed. Again, I could picture him as a special teamer and spot duty running back if he finds the right team.

Outside of these two guys, I feel like the other outgoing seniors are too limited in their abilities to make it in the NFL. I hope I am wrong. I hope they all make an NFL roster and become stars. The more Red Raiders in the NFL, the better. WRECK 'EM!