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1/11 This Week in Twitter Dot Com

Wrapping up a week filled with basketball tweets over on twitter dot com.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This week wasn't the greatest in TTU sports, but it did have some encouraging moments. Men's basketball played two close games against some of the toughest teams in the country. Honestly sometimes I think Twitter is more entertaining during losses than it is during wins. With no further ado I present the best tweets from this week.

Our fearless leader brought up a great point the other day. Tech's defense has been outstanding this year. Surely soon the world will have to acknowledge that it's just too coincidental for all of these good teams to slump when playing the Red Raiders and that we are actually an excellent team.

Odiase hit a late game jump shot from just inside the arc and I channeled my inner soccer announcer for this tweet. I apologize if you don't like soccer, you probably didn't understand the reference. Go watch some soccer so you won't miss it next time.

Apparently somebody took what Dave said out of context. Dave did not badmouth our school on national television. I apologize Dave, have a nice day.

Tech did hang around with the best team in the country but I would have loved to see how different the game could've been if Tech had hit their free throws.

Momma we made it onto a famous tweet. Just the kind of fame I want.

And we end this week with a shout out to Lady Raider Japreece Dean for her conference Freshman of the Week honors. Congratulations Japreece, and wreck 'em!

Sorry twitter wasn't more eventful this week, I can only do so much. As always if there's something I missed be sure to tweet at me on @vivathematador or on my handle @80gradewhitt. Be sure to follow both of those accounts for the greatest tweets on twitter dot com. Happy tweeting and I'll see y'all around the internet.