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Basketball Q&A: The Guys At Rock Chalk Talk Discuss Texas Tech's Chances Against KU

What are Texas Tech's odds to pull off the upset and who are the players to watch for when Tech and KU meet up tonight?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

With number 1 Kansas coming to town we did a brief Q&A with the guys over at Rock Chalk Talk regarding the matchup with Texas Tech this evening.

1. First off, is Perry Ellis receiving his social security benefits yet? Does it seem like he's been there forever because it sure does to us?

Funny that we've been getting this question since the Big 12 began, and the answer is always the same: "It sure as hell does!".

Seriously though, it's been great having him, but I think it's about time we get some NBA faces to add to his collection (

2. We all know that Perry Ellis is a baller for Kansas but who are some other guys that have been performing well this season?

Wayne Selden picked up his game at the World University Games this summer, and while he had a bit of a slump for a few games, he has recently caught fire again.

Frank Mason broke onto the scene last year and has been a lock down defender on the perimeter. He leads a two-pronged PG attack with his compatriot Devonte Graham.

As for the rest of the crew, Hunter Mickelson, Jamari Traylor and Landen Lucas are playing well enough that the underperforming freshmen Carlton Bragg Jr. And Chieck Diallo aren't needing to rush their way into the lineup.

3. Coming off of the 3 OT game against Oklahoma, do you think the Jayhawks might be a little worn out and view this as a game they can coast through and rest?

They are definitely worn out from that game, as Coach Bill Self has already given some players extra rest ( ) that were feeling the effects of the Oklahoma game.

But if you were hoping the Jayhawks would take the game off, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The fact this is the first conference road game for KU means they will have some extra focus, and Self will definitely have them paying attention to the results that Tech has had. I'm not saying they won't be feeling the effects of the 3 OTs, but any step down in their game won't be from a lack of focus or not taking this game seriously enough.

4. You asked me this same question in your Q&A but what matchups do you see as being key to the game? What would have to go wrong for Texas Tech to pull off the upset?

The main thing would have to be that Kansas loses its touch from 3. Kansas as a team is heavily dependent on the 3 to get a lot of points. That means Selden, Graham and Mason are all going to have to have their legs under them.

I'm not familiar enough with Tech's lineup to say who will match up with who on defense, but the Kansas big men will have to keep Texas Tech off the glass, especially on the offensive end. Giving Tech extra possessions is a surefire way to wear the team out faster.

5. What's your score prediction? Does Kansas prevail or does the effects of the 3 OT game spell disaster for the Jayhawks?

While I think Kansas will start sluggishly, I'm confident Self will find a lineup that is fresh enough to keep Kansas evening in the later parts of the game. The fact this is a night game and 5 days after the last game will help immensely. Kansas always seems to have problems in United Supermarkets Arena, but they have the talent and depth to push through. Kansas 82, Texas Tech 76.

Bonus - Did you watch all 12 Kansas football games through their entirety?

Living in Florida and having kids who play football, I was usually without a TV or internet connection good enough to support streaming. But I did follow each game as it happened, and in some cases it was even more painful to see a brief text explanation of what happened without any context.

There you have it. The managing editor for Rock Chalk Talk only projected a 6 point win for the Jayhawks. Can we pull off the upset? I sure hope so!