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The Air Raid Preview Podcast: Texas

Recapping the Big 12 and looking ahead to the Thanksgiving match-up with Texas


It's a preview podcast on a Sunday. Weird, right? We had some good stuff lined up, but it didn't come together. Won't spoil the surprise in case we can do it for the bowl preview.

Before getting to the pod, there is something we forgot to discuss in it. That is DB Derrick Dixon airing some displeasure with his role on the team via Twitter soon after the victory against Kansas State.

Now I'm all for players not being satisfied with their role on the team or thinking they deserve more playing time, but Twitter isn't the place to do it and unfortunately, probably secured a release to transfer at the end of this season by doing so. I'm sure this wasn't the first attempt to discuss the situation with coaches, but after not getting anywhere privately, the next place is publicly to try and force the coaches hand one way or another.

This is typical in coaching changes whether it be coordinator or head coach. Sometimes talent doesn't transcend schemes or doesn't reveal itself in practice. Coach Gibbs, for all the struggles, seems to have a clear idea of what he wants and for whatever reason, Derrick Dixon isn't seeing the field. 

Advice to young players... social media is a great thing, but it's not the place to voice displeasure. Keep it in house. One, the coach won't change his mind as it would seem that he can be held hostage by a disgruntled player. Two, you're going to get cut from the team unless there is a "come to Jesus meeting" in the near future. Third, when granted a release and looking for a place to transfer, the fact that you went to social media once to voice displeasure is a indication that you may to it again, which is a risk for  any potential team to pick you up. Just don't do it. 

I hope the situation with Derrick gets figured out. He does have talent and I think we need all the bodies we can get at the moment, but it wasn't the best decision he could have made.

Now on to the pod.

College playoff Top 4, what went on in the Big 12 and seeing what the Longhorns bring to the table... here we go.