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The Official Unofficial VTM "My Team Is Not Good Today" Playlist

We might have a bye week, but we are here for our friends in their dire times

oh my god I am so sad
why is this happening
our quarterback couldn't skip a stone on a lake much less throw a decent pass
i just dont understand how we got so bad so quickly
even if we make a bowl, will we even win it? will I ever feel feelings again? will we ever win another game ever?
what is our offensive line doing? do they know how to block? whats a block anyways?
do I attempt to cry or do i attempt to laugh or do i sit here with no emotion or do i just give up on football altogether?
i think i give up on football. actually not just football, sports in general.
i just need some time. i've been hurt so badly. i think i need a break from this team. maybe i'll recover over the bye week. maybe i won't ever recover.
Cheer up sports fans. Listen to some sad music, cry it out, and get ready for next week. Us Texas Tech fans are used to heart-crushing losses, so let if you need to talk, you may use the comments section of this article to vent your feelings