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Red Raider Gridiron: Spring Dates Set; Daniels Chooses OSU

Texas Tech announced the spring dates including a spring game being televised in Midland and Texas Tech target Darrion Daniels commits to Oklahoma State.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Daniels Chooses Oklahoma State. Last night, Texas Tech target DT Darrion Daniels chose Oklahoma State and not the good guys.  Good luck moving forward for all but one game!

If any of you are curious as to my temperature as to where I'm at with the recruiting class, I'm still good.  I had an inkling that Daniels was going to choose OSU early this week, so I was ready for it.  As far as the 17 commits thus far or the small class or whatever.  I'm really okay with everything, which makes me in the minority.  Oh sure, it hurts to miss targets, but Texas Tech is in a an uphill climb compared to a lot of programs and that stinks.  But when I said this week that Texas Tech and Kingsbury will have to develop players.  It's how a program pulls itself up.

Also, Daniels going to OSU doesn't make me think less of Kingsbury because Daniels was a legacy commit.  Every player is his own person and you can't twist an arm hard enough to make a player choose your school, no matter how much you want.  It's the same reason I didn't get my degree from TAMU as my dad is an alum. I wanted to trail my own path and my dad was okay with that.

Anyway, it's about player development and that's the way it has to be.  That's the way it was and has been for programs like TCU and Baylor and Oklahoma State, they've developed players and Texas Tech hasn't exactly been able to do that recently.  At least not on that scale. So, I'm still at where I was earlier in the week, which is Texas Tech has to develop players and this program has to get better internally.  I'm not freaked out because I am optimistic about the 2015 season and I think things will turn around.  Recruiting, generally speaking, is a result of W's and L's.

Spring Dates Set. Well, at least three dates are set as spring practices will begin February 28th and end by April 8th.  All practices will be closed to the public except for one.  The big news is that the spring game is cancelled because of the construction at Jones AT&T Stadium, replacing the seats, but the scrimmage in Midland will be televised and open to the public and will on March 28th:

Texas Tech will, however, make its third annual trip to Midland on March 28 for an open scrimmage at Grande Communications Stadium. The scrimmage will begin at 11 a.m. and will be televised by Texas Tech TV on Fox Sports. Additional information regarding the Midland scrimmage will be announced at a later date.

This is great news for those of us that want to watch the game.

Also, there's the idea that Texas Tech is catering to QB Patrick Mahomes and his baseball schedule and I can't imagine there being an issue with that since Davis Webb may not be fully healthy, so making sure that you have one quarterback around to run reps makes a lot of sense.