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Texas Tech Commits on Top 100 Lists

We take a look of the Texas Tech commits that are currently on various scouting services' top 100 lists.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I initially was only going to do this with Inside Texas but sometimes I don't know when to quit, so I compiled the current commits and where they are on six different scouting services.  Now, I know that some of you may object to the term "scouting services" when talking about TexAgs and OrangeBloods, and that's fine.  For me personally, I think it's incredibly interesting to watch the bias when looking at this list and based on how everyone else ranked players, it appears that Orangebloods is the most biased of the bunch. Or maybe they'e just the worst.  I'll let you make that call.

I'd also add that for my money, the Inside Texas list seems like they did the best job. They talk about each player and give their short scouting report for each player and at the very least, you get some content.  If you'd like to reminisce a bit about the 2014 class, check out InsideTexas' list from 2014, where they have QB Patrick Mahomes (#30), RB Justin Stockton (39), LB Dakota Allen (49), DB Payton Hendrix (54), WR Ian Sadler (65), DB Jah'Shawn Johnson (90) and WR Jakari Dillard (92).

Player TexAgs Orangebloods InsideTexas Rivals Scout 24/7 Sports
RB Corey Dauphine 38 72 29 58 23 31
OL Madison Akamnonu 48 55 34 54 29 42
OL Conner Dyer 66 56 56 21 33 36
WR Quan Shorts 69
DT Broderick Washington 82
WR Jonathan Giles 94 67 71
LB D'Vonta Hinton 103 83
WR Keke Coutee 70 91 70 68
OL Trace Ellison 74
DE Lonzell Gilmore 93 90

The thing that is probably the most interesting to me is the somewhat wild variance on Corey Dauphine. OB has him as the 72nd best player, but is a top 25 player according to Scout. Also, note that Akamnonu (better get used to spelling that name) and Dyer are on every list.  That's going to be some beef up front.

It's also nice to see Giles make 3 of these lists and I think we're underselling Coutee a bit on our end as fans.  Coutee is a really big get offensivley and you can see he makes 4 of the 6 lists.  Defensively, I'm excited that Gilmore and Hinton each make a couple of lists and I'm surprised that Washington makes the list, pleasantly surprised.