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Possible Texas Tech QB Target: Skyline QB Kylan Johnson

With Jarrett Stidham no longer on the radar, we consider other options at quarterback in the 2015 class for Texas Tech, with Skyline QB Kylan Johnson, who threw for 2,500 yards, 36 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the story is behind a paywall at 24/7 Sports, other than one sentence that reads that Skyline QB Kylan Johnson (6-3/202) received a recent offer (no idea when) from Texas Tech.  First things first, I have no idea whether or not Texas Tech will want Johnson at quarterback or safety.  Johnson led Skyline to a 14-1 record and lost this past Saturday night to the Allen Eagles, but Johnson broke his thumb in the second quarter and was unable to return.

According to Johnson's 24/7 crystal ball thing, Johnson is projected to go to Arkansas and now, apparently, Texas Tech is in the mix.  So Johnson is similar to current Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes in that Johnson played safety as a junior and then just decided that he'll haul off and play quarterback as a senior.  As a one year starter for Skyline, Johnson completed 68% of his passes for 2,456 yards, 36 touchdowns and zero, yes, zero interceptions.

I honestly have no idea if Johnson is even being considered as a quarterback, but considering the recent things happening at Texas Tech, this wouldn't be the worst idea.  So this is intended to be more of a fun "what if" than me projecting Johnson at Texas Tech.  I think most teams have Johnson on defense, safety and/or eventual linebacker.  And as an aside, I love the idea of this.  A player that has played just a bit, but has a ton of potential and has the size to play quarterback.  As a safety, he seemed a step slow, but he seemed more fluid as a quarterback with the ball in his hands.  And if it doesn't work out at quarterback, then you've already got a decent athlete at safety or linebacker that's ready to roll.

Johnson's arm is really sharp some plays, but then there are other players where I'm not real sure what to think other than he's just learning.  I'd also add that Johnson had the benefit of playing for a ridiculously talented Skyline team, complete with Texas Tech commit WR Carlos Strickland.

What's your take?  Good idea, bad idea?